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Wanna get ahead of your competitors and be found in the search engines? Then adding article directories with high page rank to your backlinking strategy is a must. I’ve a compiled an updated 2011 list of the best and most powerful Dofollow Article Directories that you should use. They will bring you instant targeted traffic and powerful backlinks to your sites.

There are thousands of different article directories on the internet. However, one thing I’ve learned from experience, they are not all equal. Not even close! There’s actually only a small handful that’s even worth your time. A few things to look for right away are, their pagerank, dofollow, categories and if it’s a well trafficked site.

Many people still think the more backlinks the better and submit their content to as many article directories that they can. However, quality always out beats quantity. One backlink from an authoritative article directory like Ezine Articles will be more effective than 1,000 back-links from a bunch of lousy article directories. Use the list below consistently and you’ll soon be getting a lot more targeted traffic from the search engines.

High Page Rank Article Directories List – All Dofollow!

Page Rank 7

  • Qondio

Page Rank 6

  • ezinearticles.com
  • goarticles.com
  • buzzle.com
  • selfgrowth.com
  • articlecity.com
  • Articlet
  • thewhir.com

Page Rank 5

  • articlealley.com
  • articleblast.com
  • isnare.com
  • ideamarketers.com
  • articledashboard.com

PageRank 4

  • site-reference.com
  • articlesfactory.com
  • articleco.com
  • articlecompilation.com
  • e-articles.info
  • articlesphere.com

PageRank 3

  • fourpxarticles.com
  • articler.com
  • articleresource.org
  • articlerich.com
  • talkinmince.com
  • allbestarticles.com
  • web-source.net
  • amazines.com
  • articledirectory.com

Page Rank 2

  • everyonesarticles.com

Dofollow or Nofollow, how to know for sure?

Here are two tools every webmaster should install, the Alexa Toolbar and FireFox Search Status bar. You’ll be able to see information for any site instantly and be able to tell if the links are dofollow or nofollow. Just in case you didn’t know already, a dofollow link passes on link juice to the following site and the search spiders will follow it. While a nofollow link does the total opposite.

Are you using the right Article Spinner?

Article spinning is the most effective way to utilize article marketing to the fullest, unless you have the money to hire a free lancer to write your articles for you. Don’t waste your time writing original content and submitting just a few articles. It will take a good while to see any results from them in the serp’s. The best article spinner can turn 1 article into 100’s of original articles in a short amount of time. This tool can help you to aggressively build quality backlinks and climb to the top of the search engines much faster.

Any Good Nofollow Article Directories?

If you’re writing content and submitting to article directories specifically for backlinks, then only use dofollow sites. But there are plenty of good nofollow article directories too. They are well trafficked and can bring in a lot of nice instant traffic to your sites, and your articles will rank well in the serp’s too. Here’s a couple nofollow article directories you might want to checkout, articlesbase.com and searchwarp.com.

High Quality Content is Good

The better the content you submit to high page rank article directories, then the better chance they’ll get published on other people’s blogs/sites. Most article directories allow anyone who’s looking for content to take and use their articles for their own use. But, they do have to keep the article in original form which means your links will still be on there and result in more backlinks to your sites. Also, I’ve found if it’s a really beneficial and well written article, then more people will link to it as a source.

The reason high page rank article submission sites are so effective is there’s always continuous new content being added. The search engine spiders love content and visit the article directories constantly because of it. The higher the quality and page rank of the article directories you use, the better your articles will do in the search engines, usually.

Add a few good backlinks to your articles

Even though you’re using article directories with high page rank, make sure to add a few backlinks to your articles. A good spinner is a great way of doing this and makes it easy to get a good link wheel going connecting your articles and websites. If you do the proper on-page-seo, keywords in titles, url, and scattered naturally throughout your content, then you should rank pretty well in the serp’s. But adding a few good backlinks will help you move up in search engine result pages much quicker.

I’ll try to keep this article directories dofollow list up to date and I hope it will help you with your seo efforts. Share this post with anyone who you think it may help out by using the buttons below.

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10 Responses to Updated 2011 Dofollow Article Directories List – Free Backlinks

  1. Go Articles allow 4 in context links in the resource box and 4 in context links in the bottom half of the article body. I have noticed the article body links will be no follow. You can also type in a fifth resource box url that will not be clickable.

    Google is looking for a natural back link structure of both kinds and will lower your rankings if you only have do follow links. You should have at least 20-30% no follow links.

  2. Finally, there is a question that I am passionate. I searched for information of this caliber for the hours spent. Your site is very appreciated.

  3. I thought GoArticles was nofollow. Are you sure it is dofollow? GoArticles has a very good Alexa rank and gets good traffic but has a surprisingly low PageRank. EzineArticles is losing out in search engines after the Google update but for the long term, I think EZA is a great site to be a part of.

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