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Let me share with you the WordPress theme that took me from making NO Money Online to having my very first successful Money Making Blog. This is going to be an Honest Ultimate Blogging Theme Version 3.0 Review, because I actually own and use it. Just recently updated, now this theme is more powerful and user friendly than ever before.

UBT allows you to design and create the blog or site of your choice, without knowing any coding or possessing any technical skills. With it’s point and click functionality, incredible SEO rankings and maximum advertising features, the UBT V3.0 is one of the best WP themes out there. You’ll be able to create endless amount of blogs or websites for any niche, without touching any coding.

Why I Give Credit to the Ultimate Blogging Theme

If you’ve read my about me page, then you already know that I started my internet ventures a few years ago, and just recently started working full time online. Now, this blog is the very first one that I started and I installed the Ultimate Blogging theme shortly after I created it. I still have UBT installed on this blog by the way and in it’s original layout.

My very first sales that I ever made from blogging came from, you guessed it, this blog. UBT helped me get good search engine rankings right away with my blog even though I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, and it has really good advertising placements. Most of my sales come from search engine traffic, and the location of your advertisements is key to a better CTR and sales. You could achieve these things with other WP themes or templates, but I didn’t know any coding or have any design skills so it was very easy for me to create a money making blog using the Ultimate blogging theme.

OK- so UBT has helped me make a little money online, but the biggest factor it contributed to was building my confidence and made me realize that I actually could do this internet marketing thing. You see, one of the main reasons why people give up online is they don’t make any sales and this makes them have no confidence or momentum to keep going forward. My early sales that I made from blogging, thanks to the Ultimate blogging theme, gave me the confidence almost right from the beginning. Or who knows, I might have given up a long time ago.

Your WP Theme is so Plain and Boring- Why would I want to use it?

I hear you, but I still have the Ultimate Blogging Theme in it’s original layout and haven’t changed it at all. Why? Because it’s what started my internet marketing career, I’ve had good results with it, and just like the old saying goes “when you find something that works, then don’t change it”. This is the only blog that I have UBT in this layout and colors. I guess it’s more of a sentimental thing. You know, just like many business owners keep their first dollar they ever made. Well, I already spent my first dollar I ever made online. Plus, I like the very simple and clean look it has. This blog may look a little boring but it’s very easy to navigate and it ranks really well in the serp’s.

Now– forget the old and in with the new! Create just about any type of look and layout with the updated Ultimate Blogging Theme 3.0.

Just watch the videos below to see what UBT is really all about.

Click here to watch full version of the ultimate blogging theme 3.0 video

Why I Purchased the Ultimate Blogging Theme

Have you heard of the famous kid blogger who started making near 6 figures from his blog at the age of 13? His name is Carlocab and he’s the one that created the UBT V3.0 for WordPress. I saw that he was using his own product and was a successful blogger at such a young age. That’s what got me interested in the Ultimate Blogging theme and purchased it for myself.

Awesome SEO Rankings

The Ultimate Blogging theme has a good framework for maximizing SEO rankings in the search engines. Not only that, it has built in SEO features that will help you rank really well. Carlocab’s blog is on the first page of the coveted keywords “make money online”. That search term alone has well over 100 million websites competing for it.

OK, he’s a computer wiz kid and it probably took him a good while and a lot of effort to reach first page. How about for an average Joe?

I started this blog to be a online journal to help others make money and also to have a place to document what I learned online. I never began it on the intent of being in the “make money online” niche. I don’t have very many posts and barely any valuable backlinks pointing to this site.

But check it out. If you do a Google search for any keywords related to “make money online”, “extra money online” and “make money on the internet”. You’ll see my blog in the top ten search result pages for almost all of them, and that’s even without putting much effort into my SEO rankings. Let me just say, I easily can outrank just about anyone’s site out there for even the highest competitive keywords, thanks to the Ultimate Blogging theme.

Point and Click Functionality

Don’t have any tech or design skills? That’s cool, neither do I and that’s definitely one of the reasons why I chose UBT theme. Changing the entire theme and creating whatever site you want is easy as point and click, literally. The image below shows just a few functions on how easy it really is to create your unique site. Just click on your layouts and color pickers are available to easily change colors.

Easy Money Maker!

Location and visibility are two very important aspects of making money from your advertisements, no matter what niche you’re in. UBT makes advertising on your site very easy and successful. Add Adsense ads, Amazon widgets, banners or whatever you want to make money from. It’s pretty much copy and paste in the location you choose and hit save. Just like the images below.

FREE Updates?

You get free up dates for life, and they’ve updated at least a couple times since I’ve owned it. They do stay current and try to keep one step ahead of their competitors by adding new features and improvements whenever needed. Like when I bought UBT, you could only change the color and the 3 header boxes. But that was about it, unless you knew coding. Now with the latest updated Ultimate blogging theme, version 3.0, you have total control over your site practically just by pointing and clicking.

Purchase Ultimate Blogging Theme V.3 here

The video is kinda long, but you have to let it play out before you can see the purchase options for UBT V.3.

Customer Service

It’s pretty good. I have no complaints and yeah, I’ve taken full advantage of their customer service before in the past. They are pretty friendly, helpful and respond back usually within a day. Let them know if you need any help once you get this theme, and you can give them suggestions for their next update.

The Bad and the Ugly

Honestly, there’s not much to complain about on the Ultimate Blogging theme. That’s why I still use it today in it’s original format. I really didn’t change anything on it except add a logo. However, drag and drop functions would be pretty nice so would separating every section up into leaves. Hopefully they’ll add that on the next update?

Maybe UBT isn’t for You

I also own several other premium wordpress themes. Don’t get me wrong, the ultimate blogging theme is one bad-ass WP theme, but they do have some competition. I would have to say my other favorite WP theme right now would have to be Headway.

My purchase of the Ultimate Blogging theme was probably my biggest investment that I made when I first started out, other than hosting. It’s definitely worth every penny. Before you consider purchasing a different WordPress theme just to save a few bucks, think about this. With UBT, you’ll be able to create unlimited amount of different websites or blogs that all look unique. It’s really the only theme that you need.

There you have it, an honest Ultimate blogging theme Version 3.0 reviews. I hope my post helps you decide whether or not UBT is the right choice for you. I advise you to do your own research and look at all the other options before you decide to purchase this theme. Let me know your thoughts or ask me any other questions about it by leaving a comment.

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  1. Read your post on Create a Money Making Blog Easily with Ultimate Blogging Theme. Question: I am currently using wordpress so if I decide to purchase the UBT can I just upload it into WordPress and apply it to my content already? I don’t want to have to enter my content all over again.

    • Hey city girl,

      yes, if you purchase ubt today and install it on your wordpress blog, then all your content will be there automatically.

      let me know if you need anything else.

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