TweetAttacks Twitter Software – Download Free Edition

Lately I’ve been messing around with a pretty handy Twitter tool called, TweetAttacks Pro 2. It allows you to use Twitter a lot more efficiently and automate pretty much whatever you want to. Easily get more Targeted Twitter Followers with advanced search options, and the unfollow features are really great too. If you’re interested, Download TweetAttacks Free Edition and check it out for yourself.

Now, this Twitter software gives you the ability to make money in Twitter without even having a large list of followers. One of the TweetAttacks features automatically searches for your specific keywords and can reply back with your offers. For example: let’s say someone Tweets “I am looking for a good program for making money online”, then Tweetattacks will automatically send a reply back with your offer. A lot of people like the idea Tweet Attacks isn’t limited to Twitter’s API so everything looks natural.

The pro version also has features like ignore spammers and mass retweeting so you can get your links out there to thousands of different accounts and the Twitter stat sites. There are 3 different editions of Tweetattacks 2.0 to suit your specific needs and budget. The pro, lite and the free version.

TweetAttacks Features:

  • Instantly find like minded people
  • get more targeted followers on twitter
  • make extra money in Twitter
  • Tweet spinner
  • tweet generator
  • auto follow
  • auto unfollow
  • multi-task scheduler
  • ignore spammers
  • one time payment
  • unlimited accounts
  • automate your twitter accounts
  • mass tweet button
  • Bonuses

Tweet Attacks 2 will benefit business owners, seasoned pros and anyone who owns a website. This tool can greatly help you get more targeted followers for your niche Twitter accounts and send mass amounts of traffic to your sites in a short amount time. If you don’t think you need the pro version, then at least download the free edition which has auto follow and unfollow features.

There aren’t any working Tweetattacks discount, I had already checked and tried. Many claim they have one, but there was no difference in price when I got to checkout. I also didn’t trust any of the sites that were supposedly giving away discount if you purchased from them and then they would reimburse you. Though I could be wrong so you should definitely do your own research and not just go by my word.

I really haven’t ever tried a Twitter software that had this many different features. Many are really helpful like the option to ignore certain tweets with links or no images so you can avoid spam tweeters. All the automated and search options save so much time and makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for. There are a lot of different functions, but Tweet Attacks is really quite easy to use. I hope you got a little more insight in my Tweetattacks review, and I suggest you tryout the free edition before you make a final purchase.

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  1. When I first heard this software, I thought TweetAttacks is a scary name lol. Anyway, I think the ignore spammers feature and mass retweeting are two of its key features that I haven’t seen yet elsewhere.

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