HUGE Decrease in Google Search Results with Updated Google Keyword Tool

Have you noticed a huge decrease in search results per month with Google’s free keyword tool for many keywords? I sure have. For those who may not know, the Google keyword tool had just changed to a new version. It was in beta so you could still use the old version of the keyword tool, and that’s what I used until they changed to the new version permanently.

I had noticed there was a huge difference between monthly search results for the same keywords for the old and new versions of the Google Keyword tool before. But I figured it was a glitch of some kind since the new interface was still in beta. Now since it’s permanent, I did some searching for the same keywords and still saw a major decrease in searches per month for my keywords. A sense of panic came over me, and I thought I better start looking for a new source of money traffic.

A good example is “make money online“, that keyword phrase use to get a couple million searches per month according to the older version of Google keyword tool. And the new version of the keyword tool now says that search term only gets a few 100,000 searches per month. It made me think it may not even really be worth the time and effort to land on the front page for that keyword phrase anymore. And the niche, making money online is rapidly decreasing. I may have to go beg for my old job back real soon!

But I did some researching and found this very interesting read from Google support, bizzarre results between keyword tool beta and previous interface.

This is from a Google employee in their support forum. Just click the image to enlarge.

I had gotten a little relief from reading that, and it made total sense. Also you need to keep in consideration other search engines, such as Bing are becoming more popular, and the seasonal changes play a factor too. I don’t solely rely on just the keyword tool from Google. But I do rely on it quite a bit, especially for some Adwords campaigns.

If you noticed huge decreases in search results for keywords in the new interface of the Google Keyword tool from the old interface, then things are probably about the same. But this did make me think about being more attentive with this type of crucial information, and internet marketers need to always be evolving and be ready to adapt for whatever happens online. What do you think about the new interface of the Google keyword tool?

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