100 Proven Ways to Make Extra Money Online or Offline

Are you looking for legit ways to make extra money? Doesn’t matter who you are or what age group you are in there are numerous proven ways to earn a nice little side income in your spare time. Or maybe you’re looking for full time work. You’ll find many different ways to make money below and the resources to help you get started.

This article was written after extensive research and also from the many different ways I’ve used to earn extra cash online and offline. I personally checked out every site listed below and made sure they are legit and highly popular sites. But please don’t just take my word and do your own research as well.


Make Extra Money from Affiliate Networks, become a Merchant or Publisher

1. cj.com – Earn commissions either by sending companies leads or sales. One of the largest affiliate networks.
2. linkshare.com – One of the oldest networks. Make extra money by promoting quality products and services.
3. Clickbank.com – largest selection of digital products on the net. Make up to 75% per sale.
4. shareasale.com – earn extra money by referring sales to a variety of different products. Over 1,700+ merchants to choose from.
5. linkconnector.com – highly secure network with zero fraud tolerance. Has the latest affiliate linking technology and allows direct linking to merchant.
6. affiliatewindow.com – UK based affiliate network with many top brands and good commissions.
7. affiliate.com – Good CPA network.
8. revenuewire.com – many high paying offers 75% + average commission rates. With 3% conversion rates and twice monthly payouts.
9. empyremedia.com – Make extra money with top paying offers and hot new products.
10. partners.cpaway.com – Many high converting products to choose from.
11. google.com/ads/affiliatenetwork – Many high converting and great paying offers to choose from.
12. moreniche.com – Choose from many well known weightloss offers and other merchants.
13. paydotcom.com – Many merchants to choose from. Commission payouts from 5% to 80%.
14. e-junkie.com – one of the most popular networks for many different tangible goods and downloads.
15. click2sell.eu – Some products payout up to 95% sales commissions.

Make Extra Cash with Affiliate Programs

16. affiliate-program.amazon.com – Make extra money by promoting many well known brands and products. Get paid up to 15% for any purchases made through your links. Most successful with specific niche sites or pages.
17. forex-affiliate.com/Main.aspx – Earn extra commissions by trading Forex online.
18. Tweetadder.com – one of the best twitter software affiliate programs. Good payouts, easy sales and multiple tier.
19. anastasiasaffiliate.com – pays up to $250 for first sale. A leader in international dating services.
20. ebaypartnernetwork.com/files/hub/en-US/index.html – Earn extra cash by driving targeted traffic to eBay or any of it’s partners.

Make Extra Money Writing

21. squidoo.com – Earn a share of your revenue made from advertisements on your Squidoo lenses.
22. daytipper.com – Make an extra $3 for every tip written and published
23. hubpages.com/_htm1 – Get a nice percentage from the advertisements on your hubs.
24. helium.com – Another good site to write for and then shares the money made from advertisements with you.
25. realwritingjobs.com – Get paid good money for writing blog posts and articles.
26. Blogitive – Make extra money from writing stories and giving your opinions.
27. payperpost.com – Get paid to write blog posts and earn extra cash from choosing your own advertiser and choosing your own price.
28. sponsoredreviews.com – Make money by writing honest reviews for advertisers products and services.
29. blogsvertise.com – Earn extra money writing on your own blog about other people’s websites and services.
30. Smorty – Get paid to write about other services and products on your own blog. Higher trafficked blogs get paid more.
31. about.com – Write informative articles for one of the most popular sites online.
32. blogger.com – Create your own blog and make extra money from advertisements like Adsense.
33. creative-weblogging.com – Write several posts per week for their network and make a few hundred per month.
34. bukisa.com – Share your knowledge and earn royalties.
35. suite101.com – get paid from freelance writing jobs
36. 451 Press – Write for blogs in their network and share a percentage in advertising revenue.
37. xomba.com – Write articles, share your ideas and get compensated.
38. triond.com – Your writing gets published on existing popular websites and you get paid.
39. blogs.botw.org – Become a contributor and join the team.
40. associatedcontent.com – Write on Yahoo’s contributor network and be heard and get paid.

Make Extra Money Freelancing

41. fiverr.com – offer any of your special talents or skills that you’ll do for $5.
42. guru.com – Very popular freelancing site. Many customers looking to hire daily.
43. logomyway.com – If you’re a web designer make extra money creating logos.
44. freelancewriting.com – Find real-time Free lance writing jobs and get paid for your service.
45. freelancer.com – Outsourcing for small business. This is the largest outsourcing marketplace online.
46. php-freelancers.com – this is only for PHP Programmers who want to offer their services.
47. project4hire.com – Easy free registration and just about any service is acceptable.
48. sitepoint.com – You can advertise your website services or check the looking to hire for what someone needs.
49. elance.com – A very popular site for many differently skilled freelancers.
50. warriorforum.com/warriors-hire – A good forum to post your services.

Make Extra Cash with Advertising Programs

51. google.com – Probably one of the best and most popular ways to make extra cash from your blog or website by displaying Google ads.
52. chitika.com – Earn revenue by displaying user targeted ads that are relevant to your site.
53. bloggingads.com – Get paid by Paypal by displaying one-time ads on your blog.
54. bidvertiser.com – Display their text ads and for every click make extra money.
55. infolinks.com – Get paid 70% of the revenue by displaying in-text advertisements on your site.
56. kontera.com – Now offering 70% revenue share by displaying relevant in-text ads on your sites.
57. advertisingcentral.yahoo.com/publisher/index – Make extra cash by showing targeted ads much similar to Google’s Adsense program.
58. adbrite.com – Able to choose what type of ads are shown on your site and to sell ads direct from your website.
59. miva.com – Have paid advertisements in your site’s search feature.
60. text-link-ads.com – Display a text link of other sites on yours and generate good revenue. The more established you site is the more you earn.

Make Extra Money with Social Media, Surveys and Giving Your Opinions

61. cashcrate.com – one of the more popular survey and Free offers sites. Many different ways to earn online.
62. us.dada.net – Social site that shares revenue with you for referrals and sending traffic to their site.
63. justanswer.com – Share your knowledge and make extra money by answering questions.
64. metacafe.com – Display your videos and get paid by the amount of views you receive.
65. surveyclub.com – Paid surveys and sharing your opinions.
66. online-data-entry-jobs.com – Find data entry work online.
67. squishycash.com – Take surveys, refer friends and make extra money and win prizes.
68. mylot.com – Make extra money just by being social on their site and from sending referrals.
69. ether.com – Answer questions, share your expertise over the phone and get paid.
70. acop.com – A worldwide network of people sharing and doing online surveys.

Make Extra Money Offline

71. bloodbanker.com – Get top dollar by donating blood and more, locally.
72. Tutor – Make extra cash from sharing your skills with others. You could give piano lessons or just about anything else you can tutor someone in the comfort of your own home.
73. Rent out a Room – Put a listing in the classifieds or Craigslist and rent out extra space that you have available.
74. Baby Sitting – Start a small baby sitting service or offer your services to friends and family.
75. Pet Sitting – If you like pets many people are in need of an inexpensive pet sitting service.
76. Car auctions – Look for local car auctions, repossessed vehicles, police impounds or salvage yards and get vehicles at a fraction of the price, then resell them.
77. Storage unit auctions – Get a good deal on abandoned and other available storage units then make extra money by reselling anything valuable in the storage unit.
78. Start a small lawn service – Go around your neighborhood and offer to do lawn work for less than the other businesses are charging them.
79. Put up flyers – Many small businesses and individuals are looking for people to put flyers up for them. Look in the paper, Craigslist or etc…
80. Recycle – Aluminum cans and bottles in many states can bring in some nice extra money if you collect enough.
81. Flea Markets – You can get a table or spot at your local flea market for usually less than $100. Sell whatever you want.
82. Yard Sale – Go through and find whatever you can get rid of at home and have a yard sale. The more hype you create prior to it will lead to more buyers.
83. Car Wash – Either get a group of people and wash cars at a good location or do it individually and offer to wash and wax cars in your neighborhood.
84. Lemonade stand – Very popular back in the day, it still is a good way for the kids to make some extra money on a nice summer day.
85. ehow.com/how_2319003_earn-extra-money-curb-painting.html – Paint Curb Addresses – Get a few paint supplies and # templates, then walk your neighborhood and offer to redo anyone’s house numbers on their curb’s.

Other Ways to Make Extra Cash

86. Create a Website – Choose a niche, add content and monetize it.
87. Start a WordPress blog – Very easy to do and search engines love new content. Just blog about your passions, skills or hobbies and make extra money from your blog with advertisements.
88. Photography – take pictures for people or sell your work online through the many sites available.
89. Create Your own ebook – This isn’t that hard to do and there are many resources online for you to create one. Then choose the amount you want to sell it for.
90. ebay.com – Sell just about anything at the largest auction site online.
91. sponsoredtweets.com – Make extra money from Twitter with Sponsored Tweets
92. Dropshipping – Sell products for other companies on auction sites or in your own e-commerce store. Once a purchase is made everything is handled straight from the original company or warehouse. You do nothing but bring them the sale.
93. Affiliate Marketing – Send targeted traffic to other people’s products or services and get rewarded for your successful efforts.
94. Sell Your Gold – They say gold is currently getting top dollar and there are several legit places to sell it online or offline.
95. Temp Services – Just go to a local temp service and you can find local work that usually pays decent.
96. fotolia.com – Make extra cash with your photos.
97. paidclinicaltrials.org – Get paid for doing medical and other related testing.
98. tutor.com – A very popular site for online tutoring.
99. shutterstock.com – Make extra money by selling your photos, illustrations, vectors and footage.
100. intelli-shop.com – Earn by becoming a mystery shopper for a legit company.

Newly Added:

GetAround.com – rent out your vehicle and set your price.

Snapgoods.com – rent out your stuff to people who are looking for it, but don’t want to buy one for themselves or don’t have the money.

TaskRabbit.com – make money by doing various odd jobs and tasks for people. It’s an online classifieds for odd jobs. However, it’s only available in certain cities.

Poshmark.com – sell your unwanted used clothes for much higher prices than selling it at a second hand store.

Airbnb.com – rent out a room of your house daily here at this site and make money.

Etsy.com – sell your vintage and hand made crafts to the world.

Uber.com – be a oncall taxi with your vehicle

lyft.com – similar as above. Make money as a taxi.

Relayrides.com – make money by renting out your car.

Getmyboat.com – rent out your boat and make some money when you’re not using it.

Parkatmyhouse.com – rent out your driveway or other private parking lots to other people for money.

Zazzle.com – get paid to design and create T-Shirts and etc. Use their own website to create a store, and then start designing and making that money.

It just takes a little research, ambition and creativity to discover new ways to make extra money. None of these methods are guaranteed to be successful but have been proven to work in the past. All of the sites listed were good quality and working sites at the time of this posting. Please feel free to add to this list and share any other comments you may have.

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