How to Create a FREE Logo for a Website

Do you want to improve the look of your design, build brand awareness, and make your site standout? A great looking logo is one of the best ways of accomplishing just that. Let me show you how to create a free logo for a website. You don’t need expensive software or even hire a designer to have a really great looking logo. There is plenty of FREE software available that can get the job done.

Don’t just settle for a boring logo design anymore. Get ideas by looking around and checking out other logos you like, then add your own unique style. Whether you want to add an image, a background, or just use plain text, you can with the design tools I listed for you below.

How to Create a Logo for FREE

Here are a couple of my favorite tools. They allow me to edit and design things quickly, even though I’m quite ignorant when it comes to designing or anything to techie.

1. Xheader – This free header graphics software makes creating professional looking headers a breeze. But I learned awhile ago that this software is also great for editing and creating logos and banners too. Really just about anything you need as long as it’s not to complex. Xheader is excellent for novice designers, and keeps things very quick and simple.

2. Gimp – Very powerful, especially for being free. Able to handle more complex designs. You will need to go over their manual and get some hands on experience using this great tool. Might be a little complex at first, but you can find plenty of tips and tutorials online for Gimp.

Either one of these tools should be adequate for creating a free logo for a website. However, you might want to check out this great article I found with several other free alternatives to Adobe photoshop.

You’ll be able to create, edit and design many different things on your own with any of these free graphic design tools. But if you need anything to complex or advanced, then nothing can take the place of a good designer or professional software.

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  1. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found XHeader… I’m not Internet-savvy and have been using XSitePro to get professional-quality websites with ease. Combining that with XHeader is great because I can use XHeader to create just about any logo or banner I would ever need.

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