How to Get the Best Deals Shopping Online

One thing I’ve learned from my mom was to always look for the best deal, and pay the least amount for any purchase. Money can be tight for anyone once in awhile, especially near the holidays. So I wanted to share a tip to anyone who may not already know on how to rarely pay full price for anything online.

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When you’re shopping online and you’re typing in a search into you’re Google toolbar, or maybe you use something different like Yahoo, Bing or etc. Type in whatever you’re looking for, and add the words (only one at a time) discount, promo code, coupon code, sale or any other related words, and then do a search. Many times, companies don’t advertise all of their sales and discounts right on their homepage, or blatantly promote their sales.

If you do your searches like this, then you should find special deals all the time. I already had mentioned, I rarely ever pay full price for anything online. It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for internet marketing products/software or shopping for a tuba, you can usually always find a lower price.

Here’s a perfect example.

I just purchased some domains, (websites make great Christmas gifts) and even though rumors have been going around that domain names have increased in price, I did a search with these words, cheapest domain registration. Of course, using the Google search toolbar. Guess what popped up? A special domain deal from Godaddy, a very reliable and legit company. I found a special offer on domains that most people don’t even know about and was able to get all of the domain names for less than $6 for each one. I normally pay at least $15 for my domains. So I was pleasantly surprised.

The special I had found for Go Daddy might be time sensitive, limited number or etc.. So it might not be available if you’re looking for it.

It’s really that easy, just type in related words for a discount with whatever you’re searching for and many times you’ll find a sale. I know this is probably old news to many internet marketers/bloggers because we know the ropes of how things work online. But, hopefully this tip will help any others to save a few bucks whenever you’re shopping online.

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