Beautiful Models or Actors Advertising Your Websites for $5

The most successful advertising efforts for many Big Companies is done with Models and Actors. Why? It’s eye grabbing, visually stimulating and can be memorable. Maybe you’ve thought about using a model or actor to promote your business or website like I have in the past. What stopped me from pursuing it? Cost. I always figured it would be way out of my budget to do any type of advertising with models or actors. But I was dead wrong.

I’ve heard of a site called Fiverr before, but I never thought of it as a way to find quality actors and models for advertising my sites until I read this, hire female models 5 dollars. Wow! A light bulb flickered on in my head of all the possibilities for this newfound resource.

At Fiverr, you can find models, actors or testimonials to promote your products or sites for only $5. Fiverr has exploded on the scene and is in the top 1,000 most popular websites on the web, according to The site is very easy to use and costs nothing to browse. You can either type in keywords on what you’re looking for, or just browse the different offers in their categories. Got a special skill or talent? Signup yourself and offer you’re own gig for $5 if you want to make some extra money online.

Here’s a few gigs on Fiverr with models and actors that will promote your products or sites.

Just click on the images if you want to check them out.

Here’s a video below of  Fablov23 promoting her Fiverr gig on youtube.

As you can see, there’s plenty of qualified candidates for you to choose from to promote your business, products, or websites at Fiverr.

Tips on using Fiverr

  1. If you want to stay anonymous you can.
  2. You can send the person a message to get more information before you hire them for a gig.
  3. Many times just looking at the person’s feedback rating (positive/negative) will be enough to know if their gig is worth $5.
  4. A Featured gig means it’s HOT, and probably really good quality.

Just in case you were interested like I was, here’s a great article on other sites like Fiverr.

I hope this article has helped you out in some way with your advertising needs. So, what are your thoughts on Fiverr, and have you ever used them before?

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5 Responses to Beautiful Models or Actors Advertising Your Websites for $5

  1. I’ve actually used Fiverr in the past to get someone to help me with a simple PHP programming error. Most people on there are very easy to work with, but of course every website has some nuts.

  2. As with anything else online, you can find good people on Fiverr (those doing a video or pictures usually do a fine job) or you can loose your $5 for nothing even if the guy has a lot of good rep (some writers, seo guys, twitter and FB promoters have troubles delivering what you ordered). I guess it really is up to you to find good people. When I find a good one I usually get the guy to do more work for me but outside Fiverr.

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