New Highlighter Plugin – Free Download – Improve Your Chances to Win Apple iPad

I had just received an email the other day from UBD about their new Highlighter Plugin for WP. It’s pretty cool and just might become the next big thing. It makes interacting on a blog much easier by allowing you to highlight text and images within the content, then being able to comment or share them instantly. What’s even better, right now the the Highlighter plugin is absolutely FREE to download (no catch) and you could win a FREE Apple iPad. More details below.

I’ve tried it out on a few blogs already and it seems to invite more reader engagement. All a reader has to do is simply highlight something of interest to them and comment on it or even share it. It’s really easy to use, they can turn it off if they want to, and comments on the highlighted parts are seen by anyone who wants to read them.

The Highlighter Plugin Video explains it best:

One of the features of the highlighter plugin is the inline commenting which allows people to leave a comment at the exact place in the content they are interested in, instead of having to scroll all the way down and leave a comment where most people will never see. Also, people can share just the parts that they would be interested in, instead of having to send someone the entire url or blog post.

Benefits of the Highlighter Plugin:

  • Engaging your audience and building a dedicated community of readers
  • inline commenting – more reader engagement – rather than having to scroll all the way down to leave a comment
  • increases traffic – more people will be willing to share your content, easier to share then more people will do it
  • able to highlight any image or text in your content, then share or comment easily
  • it’s not a hindrance at all but your readers can turn it off if they want to
  • you can engage your readers and get more feedback by leaving comments and asking questions throughout your content
  • it makes your blog more social and you know that trend is only increasing
  • don’t worry highlighter plugin fights spam with wp’s built in spam tool Akismet
  • Increase emails, has built-in email collection tools that you can integrate with Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp
  • It’s totally free to download now!

Enter the drawing to Win a 16GB Apple iPad – How to Increase your Chances to Win!

The creators of the HighLighter Plugin for WP said in there email that all you need to do to be entered in their drawing is to download and use the highlighter plugin. That’s worth 1 entry. But you can download and use highlighter on more than one blog and it will be worth 1 entry for each one, but it has to be installed on different url’s to count.

Write a Blog post and link back to this page, Win FREE iPad Contest and that’s worth 3 entries!

The Highlighter plugin is FREE for now at least, so you probably want to check it out. Maybe it’s not for you or your audience but you won’t know until you try it. Plus there’s a chance to win a Apple iPad so it’s not a bad deal at all. I hope you got something out of my Highlighter plugin review and please share your thoughts about the new highlighter for WordPress.

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    • Sorry to hear, remember it’s still in beta so they are still working out all the kinks. Hopefully support will get in touch with you and solve your problem.

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