This Niche and Affiliate Offer is Hot!

In this post, I’m going to tell you about one of the hottest niches for me currently and even tell you the top selling affiliate offer that I’m using to make a lot of money in this niche from. So this is a rare occasion, especially for me since most smart internet marketers never share what niche or offers are currently making them money online. But for my readers, I like to throwout this type of information once in awhile.

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Back to the point. The niche is social media and to be more specific it’s for Twitter. I’m sure you’ve heard, social media is in right now, so why not make money from the good affiliate offers for this niche while it’s HOT.

You may be a little surprised that an affiliate offer for Twitter would be doing so well, but it seems everyone is looking for something to help manage and automate their Twitter accounts. And why not, being able to use Twitter more efficiently allows you to work on other things, while your Twitter accounts continue to grow and become more effective.

So for a small one time investment, people get to boost their Twitter accounts like they were on steroids, increase their followers, promotion, traffic, networks, and efficiency, all from one Twitter software.

The Twitter software is Tweet Adder and you can even download a FREE demo to use for yourself.

It unbelievably sells itself and I have had very few refunds. Tweet Adder is high quality, inexpensive, very effective, guaranteed, and has a very rewarding affiliate program. I believe this is the #1 highest selling Twitter software, since I’m an affiliate for several different Twitter software’s.

Just sign-up for the Tweet Adder affiliate program and you’ll get $10 bonus just for joining. It’s FREE of course to become an affiliate, and will only take a few minutes. You make 50% for every direct sale you referred and 10% from the sales that your 2nd tier makes (people who signed up for affiliate program under you). They have 4 different pricing options so you can make up to $90 per sale!

I only put a little effort into promoting Tweet Adder and already have made thousands from them. They have always paid me every month, but sometimes the actual date of payment may differ per month. The image to the right are my current number of commissions with TweetAdder, which is 608, from a total of 3545 visitors. This is pretty good since my traffic isn’t highly targeted and my promotion has been pretty minimal.

All I’ve basically done to make sales with Tweet Adder is, a few reviews on a couple of my blogs, recommended it to some friends, tweet about it, and put up a few of their banners. But I know a few people who are making a ton of money by using pay per click advertising like with Adwords, and by using other methods. The keywords (buying words) for Tweet Adder are pretty obvious. Examples: Tweet adder, twitter software, get more followers on Twitter, etc…

Like I said, Tweet Adder is quite easy to sale since it’s high quality, very beneficial, efficient, has different pricing options, and offers the FREE demo. Let people know there’s a FREE demo, this angle has worked well for me, but not if you are using PPC methods.

For me, Tweet Adder has given me a nice extra stream of income from their affiliate program with very little effort. I’m sure it can do the same for you, but I would get on it while Twitter and Twitter software is still HOT!

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  1. I have used some of the software that has been made for twitter. The biggest drawback that I am finding is that when you get a direct message you have to answer it or it makes you look like you are spamming. If there is a way around this I have not found it.

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