Take a Break

It’s very common to push your mind and body to exhaustion, especially for new internet marketers and bloggers. I know, I use to live by that motto. Not just with internet marketing, but also with past jobs. It’s kinda the type of person I am. I try giving 110% to everything I do, whether it’s when I’m trying to make money on the internet, or even when I’m playing a video game.


It’s good to be a go-getter, ambitious and relentless. If you want to be successful online, you’re going to have to be willing to put in work and effort where others would’ve givin-up or called it a day. It’s no joke, the internet marketing world is competitive as ever and will probably only continue to become more so as time goes on.

I use to think this was the way to go and the right attitude to have. But after I’ve been doing this internet marketing thing for awhile, I’ve evolved and learned this isn’t always the case. You might get away with overworking yourself online for awhile, but long term, you’re only going to be doing yourself more harm than good.

Over working yourself and not getting adequate rest can lead to…

Simple errors, discouragement, poor quality work, writers block and etc. are common results of overworking yourself and not getting adequate rest.

I’ve learned, especially for this type of work, internet marketing and blogging. That a fresh mind can be more creative, detailed oriented, efficient, produce better content, and able to stay focused much better.

Have you ever forced yourself to write a blog post, finish a website, or write another article even when you were beat? But then you did finish it and it took you much longer than it regularly does. Or maybe, even the quality of it was so poor that you had to redo it anyways. Doesn’t really make much sense if you think about it.

I’m not saying to put making money online and internet marketing on the back-burner, or even to lay in bed all day if you’re tired.

Like for me, if I didn’t get much sleep that night. Instead of forcing myself to put in my 10 or so hours straight, I’ll maybe work a few hours and then take a couple hour cat nap. I wake up refreshed, brain juices flowing and I’m ready to get back into it. I’m much more productive and efficient.

Or, I’m feeling burned out and not up to par (maybe did a little to much partying night prior) I’m not going to force myself to write a pillar 2,000 word blog post. I’ll do something more like work on the design of one of my sites, seo, or networking.

Don’t force yourself to work endless hours on the computer just because you think you have to. Take a quick nap, break, or get your mind off of what you’re doing for a little while. Go spend time with family or friends, workout, jog, play video games, or etc. At least for me, I’ve found taking a break when you need one from the computer, produces much better results and makes me a better internet marketer.

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2 Responses to Take a Break

  1. I like to say that, “if you don’t know how to take a break, then you don’t know how to work.” It’s all about balancing your stamina throughout the day, knowing when you need to rejuvenate, and knowing when your ready to get focused back on your task of the day.

    Very good piece, well-written.

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