The 2 Key Ways to be Successful Online

One of the first things you must learn before you can make any real money online are the key points of  how to build a successful online business, or how to be successful online in general. Without knowing this, then you’re just going to be wasting your time and you’ll probably soon give up. You don’t have to take my word for what makes you successful online, do some of your own research and look to see what every successful business and website on the internet have in common. I’m sure you’ll soon realize that there are basically only 2 key ways to have a successful online business or to be successful online in any form.

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1. Create massive value for others and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

It’s cliche, especially for the online world. Every expert or guru online all repeatedly talk about providing value to others first before you start trying to make money from anyone online. This is the single most important thing you must learn to do if you are to have any success online. It doesn’t matter if you only want to make money online part time or even create the next Facebook. You will fail to make any kind of money on the internet and at getting any type of sustainable traffic if you don’t provide value.

When starting out online, think more about providing value to others first and the rest will come on it’s own. Every single successful online business and internet marketer in the world all have this in common, and no matter how they make money online it comes from providing value to others.

So before you start your next site, write your next article, or etc. Ask yourself, will this be valuable or beneficial to others in someway? If you think of helping others first, then they will be much more willing to make a purchase from you, click on your links, and refer others to what you’ve written or created.

Coming from my own experience:

The first time I ever made any significant money online was after a month or so of getting into internet marketing. I barely knew anything and really had no skills. I had purchased some domain names and a web hosting plan. I had learned about the whole giving value to be successful online, so that’s what I tried to provide with every (highly unprofessional looking) site I created. I made a very simple wordpress blog, I even used a free theme, and it was about how to make your car more fuel efficient. This was a few years ago, when gas prices were sky high! (remember $4-10 per  gallon) I added a few affiliate links to an ebook from ClickBank about going green with your car on the site. After a little promotion, traffic started flowing to my mini site and I started making hundreds per week even though it was such an unprofessional and downright unappealing website. It didn’t matter, I was providing something highly valuable to people at that time. Provide the value, the money will come.

2. Share the knowledge you already have to others online.

This is the easiest way to get started online and that is by sharing what you already know. Everyone knows or experienced something that others would want to know more about. It could be just about any knowledge you possess, skills, passions, experiences from jobs etc. Some of the most successful sites online are from people who share their knowledge about a job they have skills with. It’s not about your skills as an internet marketer or designer, and how fancy of a site you can create. It’s about providing value from sharing your knowledge that people are looking for online.

This video from SBI explains this best, (you’ll find it near the bottom of the website). This is actually one of the best sites to help you to create a site and to make money from it just from the knowledge you know.

It’s as simple as sharing what you know and putting it onto paper. But a blog or website will be your paper. The #1 reason people use the internet is for knowledge. You could answer and solve someone’s problems just from the knowledge you already have. All you gotta do is simply share your knowledge with the rest of the world and then decide how to monetize from it. Nowadays there’s thousands of ways to make money from a site so that won’t be a problem.

My experience:

I have created several sites and blogs that were just about things I know about and am interested in. I mean just look at this blog, which was specifically created to share my knowledge about internet marketing and making money online from home. It doesn’t always have to be things you already know right now. Write about whatever while you are gaining more knowledge or experience about it.

OK, so what are you waiting for? You know how to build a successful online business or to succeed with making money online. I know not everyone wants to work full time online, but to even make part time money online you’ll still need to follow the two key points above. Just always provide value with your sites and if you don’t know where to start, creating a site or sites just sharing the knowledge you already know could prove to be very successful for you.

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