Ultimate Footer Ad Discount and FREE Trial

I had just received an email about the Ultimate Footer Ad promo. There will be a discount given to anyone who purchases the Ultimate Footer Ad for the next few days. You have to purchase UFA through a special link, I’ve got more details about it below. The reason for the Promo, it’s suppose to be like a pre-launch for the up and coming Ultimate Footer Ad V3, which is suppose to be released very soon. Don’t worry, you get life time updates, so this is an opportunity for you to purchase it now and get a discount.

What exactly is Ultimate Footer Ad?

This is one of the most effective promotional tools in the form of a footer slider that I’m sure you’ve seen on many popular blogs and sites. It’s the small bar that slides up on the bottom of your screen and grabs your attention. It’s not intrusive or annoying like some of the other pop-ups, yet still very effective. Most people use the ultimate footer ad to increase their email lists and subscribers, advertise an offer, or send traffic to special offer.

Ultimate Footer Ad Features:

  • increase your email list as much as 249%
  • Grab attention without being to intrusive or annoying like the pop-ups
  • effective promotional tool for special offers
  • increase sales, optins and subscribers
  • Bonus, ultimate footer ad templates
  • FREE updates for life
  • one time payment
  • very easy to customize
  • use it on unlimited amount of domains
  • guarantee
  • Discount today, plus get a preview copy of Ultimate Footer Ad V3

Some people believe the Ultimate Footer Ad is a WordPress plugin but it’s not. It can be installed very easily on just about any website or blog. I’ve actually seen the huge increases of optins and sales from a few of my buddies that I know who use it on their blogs. Why am I not using it then? I actually am still in the process of creating my ebook, and I have the 3 boxes on the top of my blog to utilize for whatever I want. Plus, the ultimate footer ad isn’t for everyone, just like annoying hover pop-up optin forms aren’t for everyone, yet many people still use them.

Video for Ultimate Footer Ad Bonus Templates

The Ultimate Footer Ad allows you to easily customize and utilize it just about anyway that you want too. I believe this version of Ultimate Footer ad is V2.1 but like I said V3 will soon be officially launched and you will get upgraded as soon as it’s out.

FREE Trial of Ultimate Footer Ad and Discount below!

Here’s the link Ultimate Footer Ad Discount. Now the way this works is you’ll be able to download Ultimate Footer ad for a FREE trial for 30 days or just click through to Paypal and the price will decrease by $10. Plus you’ll get a FREE preview copy of Ultimate Footer Ad version 3 before it’s officially launched.

I hope my review has helped you out a little today and remember the discount is only for a few more days.

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