The 5 Ways I Make Money on the Internet

How nice would it be if you could make extra money from home online whenever you wanted to? A lot of people (including myself) got started making money from the internet just to find a way to supplement our incomes. I never started internet marketing to work full time or to become a brand name. I was just looking for a better and more convenient way to make an extra paycheck on the side. What better way than working from home with no boss looking over your shoulder. (ahh, freedom)

I had been working a job that barely covered my bills and my day to day living expenses for a good period of time. I actually had found a decent second job that worked around the schedule of my full time job, but after awhile, I was getting burned out. One day, at work in the break room, (amongst the rumors and gossiping) I had heard that someone was quitting their job to work full time online. At the time, I never realized that it would be a life changing moment for me. Ever since that day, I have been relentless on researching and experimenting the many different ways to make money on the internet.

Make Extra Money from Home whenever you want to!

I now work full time online and to be honest with you, it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I remember the very first time I made a sale online, a few years ago, and it was almost a magical moment. (sounds a little cheezy) But wait until it happens to you if you haven’t already experienced it before. A weight was released from my shoulders and I was getting the confidence of being able to make extra money from home just about whenever I wanted to.

For those of you who may think it’s hard to make extra money online, then read this.

I had no skills whatsoever on how to make money on the internet when I first started. No design, technical, internet or writing skills at all. Other than a little ambition and motivation that I have because of my obligations, I am not known for being a go-getter. I’m not lazy, (ok, sometimes I am) but I’m no “Tony Stark” by any means. I knew nothing about internet marketing or blogging, and I actually started off trying to make money online with eBay. Keep in mind, I was working a full time job so I was only spending a few hours a day on learning and experimenting different ways to make money from home.

If you have a full time job, then just by spending a little time after work or on your days off exploring and learning to make money online, should be very rewarding for you in little time. That’s how I and 1000’s of others who now make money online full time, started off. I never had put to much consistent time or effort into making money online. It only takes some knowledge, a little experimenting and once you make a sale, then the chips will quickly fall into place. I’m telling you, there’s nothing cooler or more satisfying than being able to make money on the internet, even while you’re sleeping.

How I made money online in the past and present

1. Like I was saying earlier, I started off by trying to make extra money online with eBay. I learned as much as I could and started experimenting right away. I learn best by actually doing and experiencing things, firsthand. I actually made a little money at home doing this, but I quickly learned this wasn’t for me. You need to have really good connections and resources to make a good profit from eBay, IMO. There’s the competition from all the other countries, plus all of the expenses that eBay charges you for every item you put up. I was barely making a profit. I even tried selling ebooks on eBay. (that was a waste of my time) If you put in the effort, gain experience and have access to great resources, then you could make a killing on eBay. It wasn’t my cup of tea and I’ve never tried to sell anything on eBay since then.

2. Next comes my time for trying to make extra money from home with Paid Online Surveys. I think just about every beginner who tries to make money on the internet, has tried their luck with making money with survey sites one time or another. And why not, you get paid 100’s of dollars an hour just for giving your opinions, right? (sarcasm) Of course I joined the survey sites that charge you a nice fee just for becoming one of their members. Now I know a good survey site doesn’t charge a membership fee. I think I made a total of $3 (yippee) profit back in the day with the paid online survey sites that I had tried. But, I have just recently started to make money online again with a current paid online survey site called Cashcrate. It’s nothing like the old school survey sites and it’s totally FREE to join. Checkout my CashCrate review by following that link and you’ll see why I joined them.

CashCrate Check for One Month, $724. It's a little blurry, my bad.

3. I then tried to make extra money at home with MLM’s and Pyramid Schemes. (man I was naive back then) These were “cookie cutter” membership sites that charged a recurring fee every month. They gave me a copy of their website for me to promote, which I did and unknowingly was only making the owner more money! Of course, cause I had really no idea what I was doing. Just be careful with these type of programs. I chuckle to myself every time I see these type of make money online schemes being promoted on the infomercials at 4:00 in the morning.

These programs are a real magnet to beginners who are trying to make some extra money online because they tell you that you’re going to get a website just like theirs and they will even set it up for you! Yeah, so they can make money from you and have a 1000 other people promoting their website too. I made NO MONEY online with these type of MLM’s and pyramid scheme sites and really didn’t learn much either. Other than, avoid them at all costs, but it did at least give me the idea to make money from my own websites, which lead me to the next method of making money online.

4. I finally found my favorite way to make money online from home by affiliate marketing. Why is this my favorite? There are no hassles of dealing with your own product or service, and there’s no limit on the amount of money that you can make, even if you’re a beginner. Affiliate marketing pretty much means, you’re job is to send visitors to other people’s businesses or websites and you get rewarded for your successful efforts. It doesn’t really matter how you market their business, whether it’s by websites, blogging, social media, PPC, etc.. as long as you follow their guidelines.

It sounds pretty simple, but it’s a little more complicated then it sounds until you see exactly what and how it works. This article, how to make money with clickbank affiliate program, will walk you through in simple terms on how to make money on the internet from affiliate marketing. Just about every beginner gets started with Clickbank, it’s easy to join, simple guidelines, and many of the affiliate offers that you can market pay up to 75% for every sale. YES, that means you can make more than the actual owner of the product or service with this affiliate network.

Some of my Latest Affiliate Checks

5. My next method of how I make money online at home is by blogging. If you’re a newbie to blogging, it may sound quite complicated, but it’s really quite simple and easy to get started. This article on how to create a wordpress blog easily, with hostgator, will walk you through the steps of creating a professional looking blog the same way I’ve created many of my sites and blogs. This is also the same way many of the top professional bloggers in the world create their blogs. Read that article and you’ll find out why!! When I first began blogging, I was lacking in every writing skill, didn’t really know what to write about. But with a little practice and guidance, I now own more than 20 blogs, and have improved my writing skills incredibly.

I haven’t been blogging for very long, on and off for a little over a year, and I make quite a bit of my income from my blogs. Blogging is awesome because it’s like your own little soapbox to share with the world your passions, interests, opinions, etc.. and a great way to earn some extra money online at home while doing it. As a blogger, if you stay consistent with it, you’ll soon be empowered which will lead to many new opportunities and ways to make more money. Also, search engines like Google, LOVE blogs. Why? What’s the internet mostly made of? …content, and a blog is mostly all content that gets updated regularly, which the search engines can’t get enough of.

All the ways I made extra money at home in this article are all considered a form of internet marketing. To me, internet marketing consists of anyway possible of making money online, and the process of finding and getting traffic. Which also includes, SEO, social media, any form of getting traffic free or paid, branding and etc… It’s easy for a beginner to get overwhelmed when they first try to make extra money on the internet, so don’t try learning everything at once. You can learn a little at a time and just choose one of the methods that I personally used to earn money online. Once you start experiencing it on your own, you’ll learn so much quicker and you’ll see the big picture.

To be successful with making money online, you’ll have to eventually have to tie in everything together. But just to start off, choose one method like I did. Once you start making some money or learn that method isn’t for you, move on to the next. Back in the day, a couple years ago, when I first started my journey to make extra money on the internet, I just tried different ways to earn money online and learned a little more each day. Whether I stuck with a method of making money online or not, the experience and knowledge I gained in the past by trying many different methods, has helped me see the whole picture of how internet marketing works today.

…so I challenge you today to take the first step, which is “take action” and choose one method to make some extra money on the internet. Experimenting and gaining knowledge together will help get you on the road to success much quicker. With all the high quality make money online programs out today and vast information that is available, it’s much easier for a newbie to make money online quicker, than it was a few years ago. I highly suggest you get some knowledge and try a few things out. Trial and error is the best way to learn, if you aren’t a risk taker, then you probably going down the wrong path. There are many FREE methods to make extra money at home, which I list for you throughout many of my posts, but they will only take you so far.

The key to succeeding with just about any form of making money online, starts by having your own domain and web hosting plan. Why? You’ll be able to create unlimited amount of sites and blogs with just one hosting account. Also, you’re in full control, the owner, a ton of different ways to monetize them, empowers you, and you can direct people to your own sites. Why would you always want to direct traffic and visitors to someone else’s site? You can make a little money by doing that, but you could make so much more if they were going to your own sites and blogs, right? That way you can steer them in whatever direction you want to and have multiple ways to make money from your visitors. With my own websites and blogs, I can make money from every method that’s listed in this article and I do. Except for eBay, but I easily could create a site to make money from eBay if I wanted to and I have in the past, it’s not really my thing anymore.

I know this was a very elaborate post, but I really wanted to show that anyone can make money online and now’s the time to get into internet marketing. There’s unlimited potential to make as much money you want to online. There’s nothing special about me, I have little smarts and I’m not the most ambitious person either. Yet I can make money online still to this day, pretty much anytime that I want to. You know you’ve heard some of the 100’s of stories about overnight millionaires or billionaires that created their wealth on the internet. It can just take one simple idea and you could hit it BIG online. The internet is the only place that gives anyone a fair shot at making some extra money, or even creating a full time online business, no matter their background, prior training, or their experience. There’s no better place to make extra money from home, than on the internet.

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  1. A good read for advice on Internet marketing that provides a lot of potential for the newbie as well as the experienced online marketer.
    Looking for good ideas for topics to write about for my own web-content, I stumbled upon this article.
    This is a good article explaning basic concepts in marketing. Bookmark this page!

    • Appreciate your comment, @Timothy. I know the post is a little elaborate, but I wanted to write an upfront article on what actually worked and didn’t work for me to make real money on the internet.

  2. I’ve been searching through your blog here for quite some time. This has to be one of the most informative places I have found ALL DAY. Keep up the good work.

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