Facebook Movie that Defines the Decade, Will it be a Huge Hit?

Think of the power you would have if you had 500 million friends. New movie that defines the decade, The Social Network will show us the viewpoints (a few alterations) from the 4 Co-founders of Facebook. Basically, this social network giant was really just an expansion from a simple idea that blew up into the worlds #1 social network site and into one of the most popular websites on the internet. 500millionfriends takes us to the beginning of how Facebook was launched from a dormitory room back in 2004 and created the youngest Billionaire on the planet, currently. Mark Zuckerberg Co-founder, CEO & president of Facebook net worth is 4 Billion at the age of 26.

It’s about time a big blockbuster has been made about one of the internet giants. I’ve been waiting for a movie like The Social Network to come out for awhile, really ever since I got into internet marketing and making money on the internet a couple years ago. There’s so many similar stories about huge companies getting launched from dorm rooms, basements etc.. like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Bodog, etc. This will be a great movie to inspire and motivate us internet marketers and webmasters. It probably will make others interested at the thought of getting rich just from launching a website too. I know a lot of people who make millions online, but Mark Zuckerberg takes the crown currently of Top Dog of the Internet. If you were to go by age, power and money. Sorry, Bill Gates.

The Social Network Movie will be officially released in theaters on October 1. Checkout the two videos below.

The Social Network TV trailer

The Social Network Movie trailer

I believe the movie will be epic and will do really well at the box office. 500 Million Friends Movie is current and appealing to just about everyone. It’s a great example of how many people today are using the internet to carryout their ideas and becoming practically overnight success stories. It’s pretty crazy if you think about how in a short amount of time social networking plays such a big part of our daily lives for all walks of life. All of the networking sites, apps, products, software, jobs, communication etc. Social networking is growing at the speed of light but I wonder how long it’s growth will continue and evolve in the future. It’s definitely the “in thing” for this decade, but what will be the next big thing?

All you need is an idea, internet connection and the possibilities are endless! Doesn’t matter you’re education or social status, you could launch the next big site from your own bedroom. Or, just settle to learn internet marketing and make extra money online from home, whenever you want to.

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