The Truth About Paid Online Survey Sites

I have been experimenting for a couple years now the many different ways to make money online. It seems every year more and more people are learning about the endless opportunities there are to make extra money on the internet from the comfort of your home. Making some extra money from paid online surveys is still a very popular method. Why? Just about anyone can join a survey site no matter your experience and there will always be a need for consumer opinions from companies.

Online paid surveys was the very first way I tried to make some extra money online when I was a beginner to making money on the internet. But since joining my first paid online survey site, which was survey scout btw. I’ve learned a thing or two on what to look for before you join any paid survey site. The main thing I quickly realized after trying out many of them is that not all paid online survey sites are equal. Make sure you always read the fine print, some sites are misleading.

What to check for before you join a Paid Online Survey Site

  • do they charge a membership fee just to join
  • the minimum amount before payout
  • the different opportunities they offer to make money other than just surveys
  • how stable the site is, nothing’s worse than a “fly by night” company
  • if they have a referral program and how much they pay
  • do they have a 2nd tier referral program
  • do they offer bonuses
  • have a forum
  • is their proof that their members make money

Since I’m an affiliate marketer now, there’s many ways for me to make money online, so really I don’t spend to much time with survey sites anymore. And I don’t like steering people in the wrong direction either, so I don’t promote survey sites that charge a membership fee which could make me some decent money. I just wanted to be upfront with you before I gave you my opinions and reasoning why CashCrate is the only paid online survey site that I am a member of and recommend.

Why You Should Checkout CashCrate

  • FREE to join and free membership
  • minimum payout is only $20
  • endless opportunities to make money from major companies, shopping, surveys, trying out different offers, and more…
  • Cashcrate has been around since 2006 and is one of the most popular sites on the web
  • Top of the line Referral Program starts at 20% and increases upto 30% PLUS a $1.00 when they completer their first offer
  • 2nd tier referral program starts at 10% increases to 20%
  • Cash Crate offers more bonuses than any other program I’ve seen
  • really helpful forum to answer questions and gives many tips to make more money
  • one of the few sites that has a payment wall for members to showoff their real checks

Click here to learn more about CashCrate. Their site is really easy to navigate and has a really simple and quick signup process.

Here’s one of my larger checks from CashCrate below. They’ve never been late with a payment and have options for how you get paid. Sorry the picture is kind of poor quality, it was done with my phone cam, but you can tell it’s legit. If you look close you can see the water marks and company address. The total amount is $724.29, which I made in one month.

How to make money with CashCrate

I wanted to give some pointers on making more money with Cash Crate. First off, join and tryout any of the offers you would be interested in. Cashcrate actually gives you money just for trying out new offers from many major companies. I joined a few offers that I was going to join anyways and made a little money. Some of them pay pretty well, while others only pay like 50 cents for joining.

The other way I make money from Cashcrate is participate in any of the surveys or other opportunities that you maybe interested in. I did a few, but I’m not to interested in that sort of thing, so I really didn’t do much. But everyone’s different, you might enjoy or make decent money by some of those methods.

One of the main ways I made extra money with Cashcrate is by their referral program. A referral is getting others to join Cash Crate via your unique url which they will give you once you join. Anyone you refer to Cashcrate, you’ll make up to 30% of their earnings plus a $1 when they complete their first offer. And anyone they refer, you can make up to 20% of their earnings. This is a continuous flow of passive money, just start referring and you’ll see your earnings rise rapidly.

Getting referrals isn’t to hard at all. I mean think about it, paid online surveys are more popular than ever and Cashcrate is totally FREE to join with more opportunities than any other survey site. When I was putting some decent effort into promoting Cash Crate (like when I first joined) I was getting a lot of referrals and now just passively promoting, I still make a little money everyday. Plus, once your a member, you’ll get plenty of resources and tips on getting more referrals.

Tips on Getting Referrals for CashCrate

  • join internet marketing forums and the Cashcrate forum, then leave a link in your signature for Cashcrate
  • social media sites, Twitter, Facebook and etc… spread the word
  • creating a cashcrate blog and putting your banners up and writing a review on Cash Crate, there’s a ton of places to make a free website or blog
  • leveraging anything you have or do that could bring in more referrals like websites,  a list, groups of people you know or lead, and etc… then give them your referral link to check cashcrate out
  • any means of getting traffic and visitors to your unique cashcrate link, banners or CashCrate sites
  • think outside the box and be creative about how to get more Cash Crate referrals
  • checkout the resources and tips Cash Crate will have for you once your a member for getting more referrals

You probably won’t be able to make a full time income with CashCrate, but you can definitely make some decent extra money from home. Cash Crate is a great way for beginners and experienced to create a passive income stream. If you really get involved with Cashcrate, put in a lot of effort and be creative, then the sky’s the limit.

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