Do You Backup Your WordPress Blog’s?

The other night I started freaking out because I went to my blog and there was no content on it whatsoever. All of my pages and posts were completely gone from my blog. Can you imagine losing your entire blog at any given second? Luckily, awhile back, I started backing up my blog. But I am definitely not a techie and had no idea if I would be able to restore it, or what even had happened in the first place. Did someone hack into my blog, was it a new plugin I added or did I screw up the coding?

I did get just about everything restored on my blog, except for some of the comments. If you recently left a non-spamming comment and you don’t see it, then I didn’t erase it. I wasn’t able to restore it cause I have my WordPress database backup setup to save once per week.

Backup all of your Work

I know it’s cliche, but the experts are right about backing up all of your work, especially your blogs and websites. We live in a unpredictable world and your sites could be hacked, or any number of things could happen to them at any given time. I was lucky because I was a little stubborn for the first year or so of internet marketing and I didn’t ever backup any of my work online. Until I had read an article about someone losing their entire blog they had spent a few years on. That scared me and I started Googling for the best way to backup my wordpress blogs.

How I backup my WordPress blogs

It’s actually really easy to backup a wordpress blog. I installed the WordPress database backup plugin (WP-DB – Backup). This is a really easy plugin to use and has many functions on how and when you want your wordpress blogs backed up. I have mine set to email my backup to me once a week.

How to Restore your WordPress Blog easily

Since I have very minimal tech skills, I thought it would be really difficult and take a lot of time for me to restore the content on my blog. I found this page Restoring your Database from Backup and followed their straight forward guide. All it took me was a couple minutes and everything was restored like nothing had happened. What’s really cool about restoring your WP blog this way is that even if someone did hack into your WordPress blog, you can restore it through your cpanel in your hosting and it will restore your old password, even if someone hacked into your WP blog and changed the password. Of course change the password once you get back in.

If you aren’t backing up your WordPress blogs and any other work you do online, then one day you could lose all of your hard work. I never thought it would happen to me but since it did, I’m so glad I started backing up my WP blogs. The process to backup and restore a WordPress blog is quick and simple, even for a non-techie like myself.

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