10 Reasons Why You Should Get Hosting & Your Own Domain Name

One of the first things I committed myself to and purchased when I first got into internet marketing was hosting and my own domain name. I know many people starting online maybe a little apprehensive at first to spend money on a hosting plan and a domain, so I wanted to write a post on 10 reasons why you should.

I actually might have purchased my hosting and domain name a little prematurely. Because I got this domain name, “mathewday.com”, which was my first, in 2008. But I didn’t even use it until a year or so later. Even if you aren’t going to use it right now, get your own domain name now. While a domain name ages, it not only can increase in value, but also gains more credibility and integrity from the search engines, which is a very good thing for when you do create your first site.

I first started learning about internet marketing a couple years ago and the first thing every expert would say was to get my own domain name and a hosting plan, so I did. The only thing that I was a little scared about was that I didn’t have any technical or design skills whatsoever. I really thought I would have no idea on what and how to make a website or blog. It really is a lot easier than you probably think and a good hosting company will make it even easier for you.

I have 2 Baby hosting plans with HostGator, which cost me less than $20 a month, and allows me to have unlimited amount of domains on just one hosting plan. I really probably don’t need 2 host plans, but have them both for when I expand online. I highly recommend Hostgator, they are truly in a class by itself when it comes to support and reliability. Just ask around for yourself and you’ll hear all the good things about them.

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Here are 10 benefits of getting your own domain and hosting plan:

1. Especially if you’re new to creating websites or a blog, a ton of FREE tools and tutorials come with your hosting plan that will make life much easier for you. FREE website builders, cPanel, templates, scripts and much more comes with your hosting, which can be installed very easily. So let’s say you wanted to install WordPress on your domain to make a blog, it only takes a few clicks and you’re done.

2. You’ve just made an investment. Kinda like buying real estate except without the huge risk, but the payoff may end up being equally rewarding. A domain appreciates in value over time.

3. You have more flexibility and pretty much full control by getting your own domain and hosting plan. You are the owner of the the domain and it’s original content. No one can tell you what you can or can’t do with it. If you make a Free Site somewhere like Blogger, then they can take down your site anytime they want to and it has happened numerous times.

4. With one hosting plan you can create as many blogs as you want to. Just from one of my hosting plans, I have created numerous blogs.

5. Same thing for websites, create unlimited amount of websites all with one hosting plan. You don’t need to get more hosting to make another website, but you may need a different hosting plan once your sites get to much traffic. You probably won’t mind having that problem.

6. Promote your brand with your domain name. If you want to create or already have a business, then there’s no better way to promote it by having a domain and website with the name of your brand. Every successful brand has their domain name on the internet.

7. People will take you more seriously and you’ll be more credible if you have your own domain. Try making money online or start an online business sharing someone else’s domain name, talk about difficult.

8. Your websites and blogs can now be found and seen 24 hrs a day and anywhere in the world. Which of course allows you to make money online from your website anytime from anywhere, that’s if you want to. The door never closes unless you want it to.

9. Make extra money online or start a full time internet business. I’ll admit, this is the real reason why I had purchased my first domain and hosting plan. I at first wanted to just make a little extra money, but just recently, now I work full time online. It would’ve never happened without a domain and a hosting plan.

10. You now have a chance to become the next Multi Millionaire who creates the next big website out of their basement. Hey, it could happen. Think BIG, it’s been done before even with old school computers and slow internet.

If you don’t have your own domain name and hosting plan, you should really take that step today. It really is your first step to open the doors to an unlimited amount of opportunities for you online, but your online journey really can’t begin until you take that first step. Also, the benefits I listed above may not be true or come with every hosting plan or domain company. This will depend on what company and what hosting plan you choose, just keep that in mind.

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