Legal Resources for Internet Marketers (Video + Downloads)

If you’re an internet marketer or online business owner, then you need to know how to protect your sites, copyrighted content, brand, and how to defend yourself. Shoemoney, one of the top internet marketers just released a vast amount of legal resources that includes video and downloadable example policies.

If you want to get legal advice for the online world, learn how to protect your online business and get insight from someone who’s dealt with more legal issues than just about anyone else online, then grab his FREE Legal Resources.

He’ll walk you through policies and things you should have on your site that you probably didn’t even know about.

Learn how to persue someone who steals your stuff, what kind of emails to send, costs and other legal actions to take if they don’t respond.

Shoemoney and his company has spent enough money to buy a small island just dealing with online legal issues. He goes into detail about his experiences, what he and his company went through and how he fought back to protect and defend his business.

Click here, signup and you’ll also have access to 3 other kick ass videos for FREE:

  • Weapons of Marketing – every marketer needs to see this, really entertaining and goes into how Big Brands and Famous Celebrities market their brands and much more
  • Adversity is Opportunity – Pretty much talks about how he, Shoemoney, has faced so much adversity to get to where’s he’s at today online.
  • MyAds Mini Mastery – not available yet but soon will be. Just signup and you’ll get notified.

I’ll be honest, I don’t come across to many things online that are FREE that I actually download or signup for since it’s usually a waste of my time. These vids and downloads were very informational and high quality. Yeah, he’s pushing his Shoemoney system with all of these freebies so take advantage and grab them while you can.

I heard the FREE videos will only be available for a very short amount of time!

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