I Started Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising with NO Money

When I first started Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising a couple years ago, I began with the 3 most popular PPC programs, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter. I spent NO Money at all to start all 3 programs because I used Vouchers or FREE Credits. Many people don’t know that if you’re opening an account for the first time with many of the pay per click programs you can usually find some sort of voucher or given FREE credits to try it out.

I learned the basics of pay per click advertising, then I continued learning as much as I could about PPC while experimenting for FREE.

I’ve noticed PPC vouchers or promo codes aren’t as easy to come by anymore, but you can still find them. Just do a search for them in the search engines, look for them in the internet marketing forums and many of the PPC training programs will have some type of FREE credits for you too.

Don’t be scared to use PPC as a new means of marketing. I’ve always come ahead from any PPC campaign I launched, including when I first started. I always went by this rule of thumb, never let your costs go above the actual amount you would make from the sale. That way, I know right away if a add, keywords or affiliate offer isn’t working, and I can change something up.

I started with direct linking to affiliate offers and creating mini sites or landing pages for the same offers.

I’m not saying pay per click (PPC) is for everyone or that you’re easily going to make a profit. But if you want unlimited instant targeted traffic and a chance to increase your income by tenfold, then you may want to give pay per click marketing a shot.

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