Facebook ads Guide from Super Affiliate Jonathon Volk

The popularity of Facebook has been on the rise and is one of the most visited websites in the world. Many people want to capitalize on this traffic by advertising on Facebook but don’t know how. Super Affiliate Jonathon Volk, who’s made well over $1,000,000 with Facebook ads, has just launched a FaceBook ads Guide – FBads.

He shares the same exact methods that he used to make $3693.21 a day from Facebook ads. If you want to know the techniques and steps the experts use, the Facebook ads Guide will show you exactly that. Because of the recent launch, you can get FBads guide today with a 20% discount, plus some killer bonuses. Don’t procrastinate, JVolk doesn’t play around and will be increasing the price, especially since it’s been selling like crazy!

Some of the Top Reasons Why Facebook Advertising is so HOT!

The FBads guide is pretty much broken down into 6 sections and is filled with visuals. It’s very easy to follow along even if you’re totally new to Facebook advertising.

Here’s what the Facebook ads Guide covers:

  1. Choosing a offer you’re going to promote on Facebook. JVolk shares with you different affiliate networks, what to join and what type of affiliate offers worked for him.
  2. Researching the demographics that would be best for your offers. That way you’re ads will be highly targeted to only people who would be interested in your offers.
  3. Structure of your Facebook ads. The format, images and type of headline that works best will be covered in this section.
  4. Bidding strategies for CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and CPC (cost per click). Learn the differences and a tip on getting your ads approved.
  5. The process of setting up your FaceBook ads campaigns.
  6. Maximizing your earnings on Face Book with 8 killer techniques that is shared with you.

Making money with Facebook advertising is not for everyone and by no means is it easy to just jump right into and make money from. But for the ones who gain the right knowledge, put in the effort and with a little experimenting, then it’s quite possible to start making profit soon after. Advertising on social media sites, like Facebook, is only going to get more lucrative. However, it’s also going to get more competitive the longer you wait.

The truth is, there’s several Facebook ads guides out there. Some are even less expensive. But how many of these so called Facebook advertising experts have the same amount of experience and Made in the Millions by actually placing ads on Facebook? There’s really no comparison to the value and insight that JVolk’s FB ads guide has to offer compared to many of the other Facebook advertising ebooks out there. Once you get the guide, you’ll quickly learn that Jonathon Volk really does have a passion for teaching others and knows what he’s talking about.

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