Can You Make Money Online in a Recession?

I’ll be honest, when the recession first hit us pretty hard a few years ago. I really was wondering what impact it would have on the internet and for internet marketers. I personally thought the internet would lose popularity and the seasoned pros in the internet marketing world would totally dominate the web. Any scraps that were left, would be fought over by everyone else. The outlook didn’t look to promising for a newbie internet marketer like myself, or anyone else without a high skill level online. Instead the opposite happened. The internet marketing world is still thriving, and many more people including myself started making money online from home.

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Why is this?

It actually made a lot of sense. Many people started losing jobs. I’m sure you know some people the recession has affected, and prices started to rise for just about everything. Which gave people more stress, free time, boredom and etc. but what does that lead to? More people being home and depending on their electronics more than ever. Like their televisions, but more importantly their computers and internet. Whether it’s for entertainment or social purposes, to make a little money or to find a new job. People are still finding ways to get online and use the internet.

According to a article in the U.S. News that I thought was quite interesting, titled 10 things we can’t live without, nearly half of the things were either internet or computer related. It even included a story about a girl named Brianna Karp, who was homeless and started a blog called The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness. The blog attracted attention, helped land her a part-time magazine internship, which lead to an offer to write a book about her story. There’s a chance it may even get turned into a movie. I bet she never was expecting all that, while homeless and writing in a blog just to share her experience.

It’s sometimes frustrating when I see all these shows on television that are on the effects of the recession. I see all of these intelligent go-getters who are going bankrupt and losing their homes. Like one show that I saw bits and pieces of. It was about young business owners who were struggling to make enough money to pay their bills, let alone keep their business alive. Some of these people were going to extreme measures just to make a single dollar. Many of them were even selling all of their most prized possessions for pennies on the dollar.

It made me think, if only they knew about internet marketing and all the endless possibilities the internet has to offer to make real money online. With their intelligence and motivation, they should be able to find some sort of income on the internet rather quickly.

In conclusion, there is no better time to make real money online then right now, despite the recession. Many people, including myself are making money online, or starting their own online business during the recession that has hit us in the 21st century. Though, you may have to evolve and adapt to the current economy to succeed online.

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