What’s More Important for Backlinks the Quality or Quantity?

When I first got into internet marketing, I use to try getting as many backlinks as possible to my sites. I really had no idea what I was doing, I was just going by what I read and picked up on my own. Just look around the forums and the internet today and you’ll find many people are still trying to get as many backlinks as possible. You can find many SEO services online that offer packages that deliver thousands of back-links to your site or url.

But what kind of backlinks produce the best results? Is it the quality or quantity of the links that matter?

I had been experimenting with this for several months awhile back, and I learned the quality of the backlink will easily produce better results than the quantity of them.

I had a few sites and inner pages that had O or no backlinks to them, obviously they weren’t indexed either. I acquired more than several thousand backlinks to each url, whether by myself or thru someone else. I’m talking several thousand links from various new blogs, directories and low quality articles directories. (Not Ezine articles or other quality directories) This was through a couple month time frame. It wasn’t like I had a brand new url and threw 3,000 backlinks to it the next day.

Anyways, I was waiting for weeks to see any changes to the url’s or at least get indexed. Most of the sites or pages, nothing happened. Normally when I get high quality links from PR 4 or higher sites, I will usually see a change in the serp’s for the site or page that received it, sometimes in as little as a week or longer. It usually starts out jumping around in the search engine results pages, like page 3 then back to page 12, but at least I’ll see something going on.

Now after about 4 to 6 months, the url’s I threw 1000’s of backlinks to, none of them had done squat. I got a few visitors from the thousands of links but that’s about it, even after a PR update.

After spending a lot of time and effort into getting all of those backlinks, I was a little disappointed and frustrated. I didn’t actually do this for a experiment at first, I really thought this was going to leap me to the Front Page of Google. At least I learned that the quality of a backlink is what counts, not the quantity of them.

So then I acquired a few quality backlinks from social media, quality article directories and other relevant sites. After a little time, they were just about all indexed and in the serps. After a PR update, most of them also gained pagerank.

How do I know it just wasn’t the 1000’s of low quality backlinks that kicked in after a long period of time? Because I now do the same exact thing to my new sites or inner pages I want to get ranked or indexed. All you need to do is obtain a few quality links from either trusted sites, article directories and get a few social bookmarks, and you should be indexed and in the serp’s after a short period of time. Usually just a few good bookmarks from the right social media sites is enough to get indexed and maybe even page ranked.

Don’t waste your time going after thousands of low quality backlinks. Just get yourself a few high quality links from trusted sites, article directories like ezines, social media sites, and you’ll be good to go. Continue to get more quality links to your url’s slowly over time.

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