Target Keywords to Indirectly Sell Another Affiliate Offer

Here’s a pretty cool little affiliate trick that is very effective for getting even more relevant traffic to your affiliate offers. I’m talking about targeting keywords to indirectly sell another affiliate offer. I’m sure you’ve seen it done before, but it’s so subtle that you may have not even realized what the marketers true intentions were.

This little affiliate marketing technique is great because you can get much more targeted relevant traffic, increase your chances for making a conversion, and build some trust. Also, it works well for either organic traffic or PPC campaigns.

But a skilled internet marketer can see right through these type of techniques. Every time I see this method being implemented, it still surprises me how many people actually fall for it and become loyal to the writer.

This is pretty much how it works….

Let’s say you find a good affiliate offer to promote and make some money from. The keywords for the affiliate offer are either to competitive or maybe it’s new, and doesn’t have enough searches for it’s brand name yet.

Now, do a quick keyword research using a search engine or your favorite keyword tool for relevant or similar products, if you didn’t already have one in mind. Write an article on this similar affiliate offer using keywords targeted for it, not the affiliate offer you’re actually trying to make a sale from. At the end of the article you just mention the affiliate offer you are really trying to promote and just let them know they may want to check it out.

Here’s one example of using this affiliate method:

I choose an affiliate product for SEO software and it’s name is called “xxxx SEO software” that I want to promote. But instead of writing about that product, I write an article and use targeted keywords for a different popular seo software called (zzzz seo tool). I do a review type of article on (zzzz seo tool). And at the end of the article I mention “xxxx SEO software” with a affiliate link to it and say this just came out, is cheaper, has more features and you may want to check it out.

That was just one example of how affiliates use this technique to indirectly sell another affiliate offer. In that example I just increased my chances of making a conversion because you use affiliate links for both offers, while I built a little loyalty and trust. How? When the visitor reads the review thinking it’s probably biased and I’m just going to try to push the popular product on them. Instead they get a curve ball thrown at them because at the end of the article, I let them know about a totally different, but similar product, which is cheaper and has more features. Most people will appreciate that I recommended a more valuable product.

Your chances are very high they will purchase the second offer, the original affiliate product you were trying to promote.

Be creative, think outside the box and you’ll be able to use this method in many different ways for just about any type of affiliate offer. It works for just about anything, websites, lp’s, blog posts and more.

Some people may think this method is a little shady. It can be, it’s all up to you on how you implement it and what you write. You could totally just compliment your articles by learning how and when to add other affiliate offers to them, just experiment.

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One Response to Target Keywords to Indirectly Sell Another Affiliate Offer

  1. Hi Mathew,

    Great “trick”. When used correctly, your method should give a nice boost in sales, especially in less technical-savvy markets where people don’t even know what an affiliate link is.

    Welly Mulia

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