Can You Really Buy Twitter Followers?

By now I’m sure you have heard of how Twitter, a micro blogging tool, can help increase exposure to your websites and or businesses. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are quickly becoming one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your blogs and websites. So recently I heard about two great places you can actually purchase twitter followers.

UPDATE: Here’s a new site to buy twitter followers. Get upto 1000 Twitter followers for only $8.

Followers for sale and Twitter Valet gives you the opportunity to buy targeted twitter followers. You can pretty much purchase as many as you want. I did a little research on both of these sites to see if this was even allowed and what quality of Twitter followers they were. I mean, who would want to buy a 1000 followers if all they were, was a bunch of Twitter bots or squatters. They are actual people, and they are people who would be interested in your specific niche. Neither one of these sites are doing anything against Twitter policies.

Why is the number of twitter followers important?

First off, obviously the more targeted twitter followers you have, the more exposure you are getting to your sites. Also, many people look at Twitter as a numbers game and view your importance by the amount of your followers you have. I believe it’s a lot easier to get even more followers with a larger Twitter follower count. And for those of you who advertise on Twitter like with Sponsored Tweets, could increase your price with more Twitter followers.

So why not buy as many Twitter followers as you can. If you’ve got the money, then why not?

Followers for Sale – there site is actually pretty cool. There’s a lever you push across to the amount of Twitter followers you want to get. You get to choose at what rate you want to receive your followers.

Prices: For $250 you get 1000 followers all the way to $1000 for 25,000 followers.

Twitter Valet – Here’s a video below that explains their twitter service.

Price: $99 per month and you receive 500 followers per month.

Want a more Economical Alternative?

If these prices were to high for you, then you might want to checkout these 2 popular posts, Tweet Adder and Tweet Whistle. Both are highly effective tools to get more targeted followers on Twitter quickly, for a very inexpensive price.

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