Offer Incentives to Promote Clickbank Products?

If you’ve been internet marketing for a little while now, I’m sure you’ve sold a Clickbank product every now and then so you’ve probably gone through this before. Right when you settle on a Clickbank product and get motivated to start promoting it. You start checking out the competition and keywords that would be best for conversions. And then you see the BIG PPC add or rarely you’ll see them organically in the serp’s, someone promoting the same CB offer, but offering an enticing incentive. Which pretty much kills any chances for you to make any conversions for those keywords. Then the question pops into your mind…….

Should I offer incentives to promote clickbank products?

Here’s the 2 main types-

The old cash-back incentive:

Purchase this thru my link and I’ll send you X amount of dollars back. You’ll get it in your paypal after I’ve confirmed the sale. First off, this is against Clickbank terms and policies. Go read it under letter E under the Clickbank terms. If you get ratted out or get caught, you could get your CB account banned or worse. What are these geniuses thinking anyways?

If you didn’t have a conscience and was a little crafty, all you gotta do is say thanks buddy, and purchase the CB product thru their link, confirm it and get your money. Then go back and refund the clickbank offer, and you just made yourself X amount of dollars. 🙂

The extra bonus incentive:

Now this one, I believe is totally fine and allowed. They even allow this for most of the strictest affiliate networks. The person purchases thru your link, they confirm it and then get some kind of bonus. Usually the bonus is some worthless plr package they probably purchased for a few dollars, but obviously the buyer doesn’t know this. Because they pitch the bonus so well.

Once in a blue moon, someone will actually offer a decent bonus. But then again how many people are going to purchase thru their link, get bonus and refund? With the 60 day money back guarantee, kind of makes it hard to use incentives for CB products.

However, many of these marketers also are building a list by making the consumer signup before they receive their FREE bonus, which isn’t a bad idea.

A good bonus on CB offers maybe successful if you’re demographics isn’t anything relevant to internet marketers. Unless maybe you’re totally targeting complete newbies.

In conclusion, you probably won’t see that big of a difference in PROFIT offering incentives with a CB purchase. Unless you know what you’re doing, but then again, if you had mad internet marketing skills, you probably wouldn’t be spending to much time slinging clickbank products, unless you’re creating your own to throw into their market.

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