Make Money Online Creating Mini Niche Sites with WordPress

Today I want to share with you a pretty basic way on how to make money online creating mini niche sites with Some of my most profitable sites were created using these same exact methods. Checkout this article if you need more information about what WordPress is.

This is a great way for anyone new to internet or affiliate marketing to make their first dollar. After a little experience, you could easily produce a few of these mini niche sites per day and make quite a bit of extra money at home!

I like using WordPress for mini niche blogs because it’s a simple, yet effective way to make quick landing pages that look professional and they rank well in the search engines. If you’re already using WP to blog then why not make some extra money by spending a little time every week creating a mini niche site. Unless you’re already a successful blogger, these mini niche sites will probably end up bringing you more money than you’re blog does, easily.

Let’s get started…….

I’m not going into details or anything like that, I’m going to quickly go over the basic procedures. If you need some extra help, or don’t fully understand everything I’m talking about, then checkout some of my “popular posts” on the sidebar to the right or leave a comment.

1. Find a good affiliate product or service that pays out pretty well. I’ve found that clickbank products do quite well, but actually just about any good affiliate offer can work well too.

2. Look for a good domain name that’s relevant to your affiliate offer you chose. Also, choose a name that will help it to rank well in the serp’s.

3. After your domain has properly propagated over, install WP onto it. Should be as easy as a few clicks through your control panel. Depends on which hosting you have.

4. It’s time to find and install a relevant WordPress theme. I have a ton of premium themes but I also use the FREE Wp themes as well. Just depends on the affiliate product I am creating a niche site for. You may want to checkout this affiliate theme, which allows you to quickly and easily create just about any niche site using WP.

5. There are many different formats that you can use to make your niche site. I prefer the review style because it’s quick, simple and converts quite easily. Now there are two different types of review styles that are best. The “single review style” where you do a review and only write about the affiliate product you chose. Show the value of the product and the benefits for purchasing the product or service. Actually owning or purchasing the service or product first will make your review more believable and convert better, but not absolutely necessary.

Then there’s the “multiple comparison review style”. This is where you would choose usually 3 affiliate products that are all similar. Let’s say you are using a health niche, choose 3 products that help people lose weight. You do a little review and show the value of all three usually in a ordered list from #1 being the best product and the product you actually want them to purchase. All the way down to the #3, last product. This style allows your visitors to compare similar products and gives you a higher chance of making a sale. Trust me, it works!

Other than writing compelling content that presells your affiliate offer, it helps to add any relevant visuals. Like videos, images, background theme, header image and even banners from your affiliate product.

Another thing many affiliates like to add is a “optin-form” (giving your visitors something FREE if they sign-up like any relevant ebook or report will increase sign-ups) this will allow you to stay in contact with them and hopefully make a purchase with you later on.

6. Now it’s time to get traffic to your WP niche site that you just created. Here’s a plus for this type of site, you can get organic traffic to it via the search engines, bookmarking on social media sites, blog commenting and articles. Also, these type of “mini niche sites” can do well for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for certain keywords. Google Adwords is my favorite ppc program.

TIPS – the more value and insight you provide, the better. Also, don’t make your niche site look like a sales pitch. The more natural (meaning not just trying to make a sale thru your affiliate link) it looks to the reader, the better it will convert.

If you’re a internet or affiliate marketer already, you probably made dozens of these niche sites using WordPress. But for the new bloggers who use WP already, but never made a mini niche site, should definitely give this a try and you should be able to make some extra money on the side. I’ve found creating and marketing these type of sites can help sharpen your internet marketing skills, which you can also implement on your blogs.

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  1. Point 5. I think, it’s not easy to make a review about an affiliate product unless we had tried the product.

  2. Nice post, since you are giving away valuable information about how to get started in the internet marketing, I ‘ve been promoting my product but without any sales, but after working with the affiliate method I’ve learn a lot about traffic and how to succeed in the Internet.

    My favorite affiliate program right now is Amazon.

    Thank you for the info,

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