How to Make Real Money Online Blogging

Ever since the 21st century, blogging has become more popular than ever. There are many reasons for blogging. Like sharing your interests and knowledge, promoting a business, networking and etc… But probably the main reason many people blog today is to make some money online from their very own blog. Seriously, what’s cooler than being able to blog about something you have a interest in, while in the comfort of your home, and making money online from what you write about.

However, the cold hard facts is the average blogger will probably never make any money online from their blog. Why is this? I don’t believe it’s because they aren’t internet or computer savvy. I and many other bloggers I know that make money online had little or no online skills. I believe just about anyone can make money online from a blog but they are lacking a few things.

Here are 5 key things that can help you to make real money from your blog.

Amount of traffic – This is usually every bloggers goal to get as much traffic as possible. Without an audience, then there’s probably no reason to blog at all. Most experts will tell you that you need targeted traffic or certain type of traffic. Which isn’t a bad idea, but there are many ways to get paid from advertisers who are more interested in the numbers of your daily traffic count than anything else. Selling ad space is a very popular way for bloggers to make money. The more traffic, usually the more you can charge to place a add on your blog.

Demographics – This is where you need to think about what kind of traffic you are trying to get to your blog. Who are you trying to make money from and who is your target audience? If you have a blog about cats, then your demographics would be people who are into cats.

Also, lot of new bloggers especially in the “make money online” niche, try getting traffic from others who are already bloggers or internet marketers. But the problem is that they are probably just like you. They are just trying to make money from their sites and blogs as well. Usually they aren’t coming to your blog to make a purchase.

You would have a better chance of making money by getting traffic from the search engines that land on your “money pages“, from others who are either new to blogging or want to start a blog.

Internet marketing skills – If you have the internet marketing skills, then it’s pretty easy to make money with your blog. A good internet marketer knows what kind and where to get targeted traffic to their blog. They acquire and master the skills to write valuable content, presell and influence their visitors.

An experienced internet marketer knows how to adapt and think out of the box. Internet marketers may make money from their blog by creating a list, selling their own product, affiliate marketing, selling ad space, cpa offers or with CPC programs like Adsense. The internet is a playground for a highly skilled internet marketer. If you checkout many of the top bloggers, you’ll find that they were internet marketers before they were a blogger.

What you blog about – Are you blogging about a good topic or niche for you to make money from? Do you have enough information, experience, passion and knowledge to continue blogging about your topic? Many people including myself start a blog and then soon realize it isn’t heading in the right direction for what it was originally created for. If your goal is to make money from a blog, then you should really spend some time thinking about if you have the proper knowledge, skills and you are blogging about a topic that you will be able to easily monetize and actually make money from.

Putting in the effort – This is one of the most common reasons for bloggers to not make any money online. Actually putting in the work and effort publishing posts, networking, creating a blog community, promoting, SEO and etc…. on a regular basis is a lot easier said than done. But is required if you want to make a stable income from your blog.

I’ve learned that if you aren’t making money from your blog, then you are lacking in at least one of these key things mentioned above. Just about any average person can make money from blogging. But if you are approaching it all wrong, then you probably won’t make a cent and eventually give up. Don’t get me wrong, there are many reasons to blog other than making money from it. But this post was totally about how bloggers can actually make real money from their blog. Also, would you actually continue blogging long term if you never benefited financially in anyway, shape or form?

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  1. Matthew,
    These are super tips! Thx for sharing. It’s not easy to make money blogging, it’s not a get rich scheme. However, it’s certainly possible by following these tips.

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