Godaddy Domain Price Increase for .Com and .Net

You read that right, just about everyone’s go to company to get the cheapest Domain names, will soon have a price increase. I had received an email from Godaddy, saying that VeriSign, the Domain registry for .Com and .Net will be increasing their price .Com by 7% and .Net by 10%, on July 1st 2010. This price increase will affect and be passed down to Godaddy and their consumers.

However, you can renew your domains for multiple years or register new domains until June 30, and lock in their regular rates.

You can try some of these Godaddy promo codes and see if they will save you any money. It’s been awhile since I’ve used any of them, so I don’t know if they are still good, but I believe some of them were non-expiring. For those of you who normally use Godaddy for  domains or about to get your very first domain, then you should definitely register it NOW and not procrastinate.

I used to register new domains at Godaddy but lately, I’ve just been getting them from my hosting company, Hostgator.  Just made everything simpler and there wasn’t much of a price difference. If you have any questions or want anymore details about the Godaddy Domain price increase, then just contact their support team.

I wonder if everyone else is going to start increasing their prices as well.

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2 Responses to Godaddy Domain Price Increase for .Com and .Net

  1. I have been their customer since 2007, the price is keep increasing and never drop….But i normally sign up in bulk to enjoy the 25% off and the promo code also help me to save some bucks…


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