Are You Choosing the Right Keywords (Buying Words)

One of the most important things you need to do before creating a money page or site for short term traffic is finding the right keywords (buying words) as I like to call them. These are keywords that bring in traffic to your money sites/pages and make a conversion within a short amount of time. Whether the traffic is from PPC or organic, doesn’t really matter. If you find the right keywords to use, you’ll always get a high conversion ratio if your sales pitch is decent.

Are you choosing the right keywords?

Many times newbies will write in forums about they are getting xxxx amount of targeted traffic to their sites or lp’s and NO conversions. A lot of times they think it’s their content or layout, but usually they are targeting the wrong keywords. They maybe getting targeted relevant traffic to their site, but not for (buying words) or targeted keywords where the visitor will make a purchase the same day or shortly after. With the right (buying words) your visitors are ready to make a purchase now!

You could possess the skills to pre-sell anything to anyone and have the best copy writing skills, but if you aren’t getting traffic that is ready to make a purchase right now, then you won’t be seeing any sales. You don’t want window shoppers either because chances are they will click on someone else’s affiliate link before they make a final purchase and you won’t get credit for the sale.

The amount of traffic sometimes doesn’t matter

This is another thing I hear all the time. I have a website and it gets 1000’s of unique visitors a day and I only make a couple sales a day from it. Where one of my money sites may get only 100 UV’s a day and I’ll get 10 sales or better from that little amount of traffic. For my money sites, I concentrate more on the conversion ratio for the keywords rather than the amount of traffic. I definitely do the same for my PPC campaigns. That’s how you’ll spend less and make more. The better you laser target your keywords into (buying words) the more profit and sales you will make.

How to find (buying words)?

How do you actually find these keywords that brings in money traffic to your sites? A lot of it is common sense. I like to think of keywords I would type in if I were to buy something, maybe I’ll even ask a family member or friend what keywords they would use. That can give you some ideas. Also, obviously you can use a keyword tool. My two favorites would be Google keyword tool and wordtracker.

Okay, now you are getting a list of relevant targeted keywords for your site so how do you know if they are buying words? One good way is to see how many sponsored ads appear for each individual keyword. If I see a lot of competition for a specific keyword, then that let’s me know they are making conversions. Then again, some keywords are more aimed for internet marketing newbies who think it’s a “money word” when it’s not. With a little experience and common sense you’ll be able to tell if the ads you see are from seasoned pro’s or newbies in the ppc game.

That’s pretty much it, then the rest is up to your sales copy, experimenting and testing.

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One Response to Are You Choosing the Right Keywords (Buying Words)

  1. Hey Mathew,

    Nice post. You’re right, a lot of people talk about how they get thousands of visitors per day and only a few sales (if any at all). They should do keyword research first and find out what are the buying keywords, and then go after them like a maniac.

    Keep more good stuff coming!
    Welly Mulia

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