Are Internet Marketing Experts Blogs Only After Your Money?

Do you ever get the feeling like some of the internet marketing guru’s blogs are only trying to make money from you? Some people believe that the value of many of these type of blogs has diminished and is being replaced with “money pages” and affiliate links. I am not talking about all of the experts or gurus. And I am talking about the blogs in the “make money online” or internet marketing niches.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

Most of these Top Internet marketing experts have been blogging for a long freakin time. Some of them were the original pioneers, especially for the “make money online” and “internet marketing” blogs. So seriously, they probably covered just about everything they could on their niche and then some in the first couple of years, and that leads to my next point.

Dig deep to find the good stuff

I’ve read and continue to read most of the Top Internet Marketing Gurus blogs. But I like to dig deep into their archives or use their sitemaps to get to their older posts filled with some of their most valuable and insightful content. This is where you’ll find posts about case studies of their failures or success. Their best how to’s, lists, tips and tutorials, all before they were rich and famous. This is knowledge and information that you couldn’t even pay for or find in the best online money making programs. Just realize that some of the info maybe outdated, but most of it is timeless.

Learn by watching them

If you got any experience as a internet marketer, then I’m sure you’ve learned to just watch what the experts do on their blogs and then implement it yourself. That in itself is worth thousands of dollars of coaching, for FREE.

I think most of these gurus blogs have become huge platforms for them to promote or influence a ton of people everyday. If you could write one post “money page” and make 1000’s of dollars from it in a couple days with little effort, you wouldn’t do it? Yet most of them still throw out a valuable post every now and then even though they’ve probably covered it before in someway in their blog already.

So no, I don’t think that most of the experts are only after our money. They’ve just had to evolve and have to be more cautious of what they write because of their HUGE audiences.

Now, I already mentioned I wasn’t talking about every successful blogging expert online in the “make money online” niches. Some of them still to this day continually give valuable, fresh and up to date relevant posts without a handful of affiliate links thrown in. But they are masters at what they do and know how to make a ton of money still without being so obvious to their visitors.

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