What to Write About in a Blog – How to Create Killer Content

One of the first questions a new blogger asks is, what to write about in a blog? I had the same question when I was a beginner, and it’s actually one of the reasons that kept me from creating a blog in the first place. I want to share some ideas and tips on how to create killer content for your blog or website, that have helped me.

What knowledge do you possess and what can you leverage right now?

When you are first starting out, you should think of your skills, (writing it down would be even better) hobbies, passions, connections and knowledge that you already have that you can leverage for your blogs content. This will give you ideas on what you could or may want to write about for a blog. The more you know about something, will allow you to be more credible when you are writing your content about your chosen topic. This will allow you to look like an expert right off the bat, without having to do to much research first. However, choosing something you are interested in but don’t know to much about can work too. Maybe you have sources and connections that can teach you more about your topic and give you insight.

I just wanted to add, most successful bloggers online started off writing about something they have a passion for. It’s pretty easy to get burned out really quickly if you are just trying to make some quick money online. Blogging and making money from a blog can be a lot harder than it looks.

It doesn’t really matter if you can write or not. The more you practice (what better way than by writing in your own blog) and the more you read, the better you’ll become. I totally sucked when I first started blogging, just read some of my first posts on this blog. The more I blogged and read other blogs, I now actually produce some decent content.

Choose one niche or topic

If you don’t have experience as a blogger, then starting your blog off in one niche or topic would be best. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a small list of things you are either interested in or already have knowledge about, it’s time to choose one for your blog. Staying within one topic will help you to get visitors that are interested in the same things and then you can start building a community for your blog. Your blog should also show up in the search engines faster for keywords related to your niche.

Make sure it is a niche or topic that will give you plenty to write about and expand. For instance, this blog “mathewday.com” is about internet marketing and ways to make money online. There are a ton of things for me to write about, all the way to blogging to affiliate marketing.

Unless you purposely want to make a small targeted niche blog with maybe only a few pages for one specific thing. You could also create a personal blog, where it’s more like your journal of rants, opinions and thoughts.

Your first blog posts should include…

You need to remember you are writing for other people, not yourself. Create ORIGINAL and VALUE in your content that others would want to read and share. In your writing, make the person feel as though you are talking to them or like your telling a story. You want to affect your readers in some way through your writing, inspire, help, humor, teach, vent and share your personal experiences. Let them get to know the real you and your personality. Being creative and doing something totally different or in a different way, will get you attention and traffic. Think outside the box.

When you are first beginning your blog, you should begin by adding content that explains what your blog is about. Start adding structure to your blog, you need to build the foundation with Pillar Articles. This would include longer posts that outline your expertise or research for a specific topic. The content should be timeless, informational, factual, and attract other bloggers to link to you as a reference.

If you want to be successful with your blog, you need to take ownership and act as if you are an expert in your field. Do whatever it takes to get there, research, network, learn, experiment, until you have the confidence to become an authority figure in your niche. Now it’s time to put in the work….

Motivation is going to eventually be the #1 factor on whether you continue to add content to your blog regularly and whether you reach success with your blog. I found what works for me is to write down a list of achievable goals you want to reach and when you want to reach them by. Also, write down things that motivate you or why you do anything in Life. It could be for your family, yourself, God, your kids, just to be the best dam blogger in the entire world, or etc….

It also matters on the type of blog or niche you choose to write about. For instance, if it’s a humorous blog, then starting with funny posts right off the bat would be ok.

Ideas to Create Killer Content

  1. Write informational and helpful posts about your topic.
  2. a tutorial on how to do something
  3. a factual post about your niche, include references
  4. throw in some humorous posts once in awhile
  5. Start a little controversy by disagreeing with something a expert wrote about in your niche and sharing your view point on the matter.
  6. Case Study showing what you did, how you did it and what the results were.
  7. Add something personal about you, anything, it’s your birthday, your kids, latest event you went to, etc…..
  8. debunk a myth on your topic
  9. compiled list of several resources and references on just one thing pertaining to your niche
  10. a list of resources, explaining a little about each one
  11. list of helpful references and links
  12. list of helpful ideas, tips and tricks
  13. the latest buzz in your niche
  14. you can do a review on just about anything
  15. product or service review
  16. something you just learned
  17. sharing your expertise
  18. giving your opinion or looking at something at a different angle and sharing  your thoughts
  19. look at your competition and see what they are writing about, good way to get ideas
  20. write posts for the beginners
  21. write posts for the experienced
  22. share your latest experiment or experience
  23. compile a post with links to your best articles
  24. write about your failures or what not to do
  25. a post that inspires your readers
  26. answer a question from one of your readers
  27. link baits – posts specifically made for getting backlinks to your blog
  28. do extensive research on just one particular thing and write about what you learned and found, include references
  29. write about your success and how you achieved it
  30. Allow others to Guest Post on your blog
  31. an interview with an expert or authority figure in your niche
  32. answer a question someone would be looking for
  33. do a collection of posts from other bloggers all on the same topic with small descriptions and links to them
  34. latest current events for your niche
  35. compare two or more things together and show their likenesses and differences

Don’t forget to add some video and images to your blog too.

Include Keywords and SEO

While writing your content for your blog, make sure you are implementing the correct on site SEO, adding keywords to your titles and throughout your content. Go here if you have no idea what I’m talking about, learn how to get traffic to your blog for FREE and about SEO.

How often should I write?

Just about everyone has a different opinion on this matter. However, I’ve learned that the search engines, like Google, will start to love and visit your blog more often if you post regularly and often. I don’t think posting daily is necessary but if you can keep up with it, then do it. I suggest adding a new post at least once every few days and then sticking to that routine.

I hope this article helps and gives you ideas on what to write about in a blog. What are some things or ideas that help you to create Killer content?

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