Double Your Sign ups and Conversions with Ultimate Footer ad or Stripe Ads

Are you interested in maybe doubling your sign ups or conversions by adding a simple tool or program? You may have seen some blogs and websites in the past utilizing the Maxblogpress stripe ads, or the Ultimate Footer Ad. It’s a really effective way of increasing your subscribers, sales and promoting special offers. I really like these tools because they aren’t annoying like pop unders, or the sign up forms that hover and PoP Out when you enter a site. At the same time they are almost Impossible to Miss.

The Truth is, some people or some sites may not do well or like this type of method of promoting their offers and services. NOT everything works for every person and every site. Test it out and experiment until you find a combination that works well for your particular site. I know these two tools do have great potential if used properly.

Try them both out for FREE. Take advantage of their FREE trial versions below and see if you like them, or if they work well for your blogs/websites. If not, then no big loss to you, just remove them.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads

I actually have seen stripe ads on several sites before, but what made me finally implement it on some of my blogs is that I see Gmail and Yahoo use similar type of advertising. Go to your Gmail right now and look at the add on the top outlining of the Gmail inbox. Don’t you see the add in white lettering, and Yahoo does similar type of advertising. Obviously if they are using this type of promotion then it must work well. I’ve added this plugin a few weeks ago and have had a good click thru rate and have made 2 sales from using it. It’s all about your add, poor add, then low CTR.


MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads is a Word Press (WP) Plugin so it’s really easy to install. There is a FREE trial version of it but you will need to register for it, only takes a minute. It’s really great because you can alter it just about anyway you want to. Change the color, add as many affiliate links, offers or specials that you want. You can even alternate the adds to show different offers. It’s simple to use and may work wonders for you. You can even change the position of the stripe ads to appear on your blog.


Ultimate Footer Ad

Many people may think that the ultimate footer add is a WordPress (WP) Plugin, when in fact it’s not. It can be used on just about any type of blog or website. I think using both tools (footer ad and stripe ads) on the same site may be a advertising overload, so I suggest to sticking with just one per site, but it also matters on what type of site and niche you are in. I wanted to test both of them out on different sites to see which one worked well for each site.

I’m telling you a secret that not many affiliate marketers may not tell you. To get the FREE 30 day trial Ultimate Footer Ad click on that link and then once on the site you can just exit out and a Special offer will appear for your free trial.

I really like the Ultimate Footer Add cause it’s really professional looking and you can change it up to add subscribers to your blogs/websites, newsletter signups, and create or increase your email list quickly. Many of the sites I’ve seen who use the ultimate footer add have immensely increased CTR’s and sign-ups. Most of them claim they are at least doubling their sales or sign ups.

Ultimate Footer Ad Video showing different templates

Purchase Ultimate Footer ad v2.1 which is their latest version and get a bonus of 72 footer graphics like in the video above , life time upgrades and their price has been dropped down to only $47. There is also a 365 day guarantee, so you have a long time to test it out. I tried to find a legit discount for it, but they were all old and no longer working.

I hope one of these tools or programs will help improve your conversions, subscribers, or sign-ups. Remember, they may work well for some niches and sites and they may not. Success with internet marketing is all about experimenting and testing things on your own.

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4 Responses to Double Your Sign ups and Conversions with Ultimate Footer ad or Stripe Ads

  1. I hear what you’re sayin, some people like them and some people don’t. They aren’t for everyone, but there are a lot of websites that do use them.

  2. I lost my money on the Ultimate Footer Ad. Paid $37 and never got the registration key I need to use it. Have asked their customer support desk repeatedly to send it to me. No response, no acknowledgement. I’ve been ripped off and I am mad.

    • Sorry to hear, I would be a little steamed too. You should keep trying to get in touch with them and hopefully everything will get worked out.

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