Pay Per Click Tip to Find Profitable Keywords-Google Adwords

Do you ever wonder how some of the Top Affiliate Marketers find profitable Pay Per Click Keywords? One way is to do your own testing with products, services and keywords to see if you can find a winning combination that produces a good ROI. This does work pretty well if you have experience, have a good idea on what works for pay per click advertising, or an extra wad of cash. Here’s a Pay Per Click (PPC) tip that helps me to find profitable keywords for my Google Adwords campaigns. You can implement this tactic on any Pay Per Click Program, like Yahoo and Microsoft, but the one I use most is Google Adwords.

How to find Profitable Pay Per Click Keywords?

Why not look at successful campaigns that have already been running… Whatever your niche is, you can just keep an eye on keywords that you’re interested in and look at some of the ads you see. I don’t mean click on their ads, just keep tabs on them and see what type of product or service they are promoting. When you find a add that stays active on the same keywords for a little length of time, let’s say a few days, then the chances are that the keyword is a “buying word”, meaning people are making sales or leads from that particular keyword.

This allows you to know the keyword or phrase is good to throw up your own campaign. SpyFu is a awesome FREE Pay Per Click Tool for Adwords that will show you what keywords your competitors are bidding on, search volume, related keywords and more.

Once you choose your keywords to put your own campaign ads on, now you need to decide if you should direct link, make a landing page or squeeze page. Looking at the other adds, you should be able to decide this and know how to make your add standout. If most of the adds are for a single service or product, then making a quick landing page with a review of several similar products or services will probably be more helpful to anyone who is searching for that keyword.

A add that starts off saying, Compare or Review will outshine the other adds that are for just one product or service. Another idea would be to give a bonus or coupon code and obviously adding that on your Campaign add will get more attention than the one’s that aren’t offering the same deal.

There’s no guarantee that this tactic will improve your PPC campaigns or your ROI but this is one of the ways that gives me an idea a Keyword is worth my time and effort. For those of you who are new to Pay Per Click or need some extra help, I suggest you grab the FREE 5 Days to Success with Google Adwords mini course, if you haven’t already. The real truth about Pay Per Click is that it isn’t easy, or for everyone. The competition is fierce and can be hard to make a good profit from just one of your campaigns let alone all of them. The more experience and knowledge you gain, will greatly improve your skills with pay per click advertising and may lead you to an unlimited supply of instant targeted traffic.

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