Google Webmasters Tools – Sitemap Indexed URL Count Error?

I was doing one of my regular routines just a little while ago, which is to checkout my main blogs and websites with Google Webmasters tools, and I had noticed something that made me say “what the @#?!”

All of my sitemaps were showing I had O indexed url’s. I was in a panic and about to go into a deep depression (only kidding). This is one of the top 3 fears of webmasters, bloggers, internet marketers alike, is to have your site de-indexed by Google.

If you have a site deindexed by Google, all of your hard work you spent into your site is pretty much useless. You will lose all pagerank and slowly be taken out of all Google’s search engine results. It is really really hard to get back in good with the big G too. Usually this can happen if you don’t abide by Google’s policies or algorithms.

So I started checking my sites indexed pages and everything was the same. All of them still had their Page rank and all of my pages that were indexed, still were. I started doing some Googling and reading. I really didn’t find much about deindexed sitemaps until finally I had seen other people were noticing the same thing and questioning this on the Google support forum.

I was totally relieved to see others were experiencing the same thing. I couldn’t think of any reasons for Google to de-index my sites. If you are like me, I can’t let something go until I learn myself on how and why something works or happens.

Anyways, it all ended up being a Google sitemap indexed URL count error…..

I had found this post below on their webmaster forum blog

You can all breathe a sigh of relief if this happened to you. It’s probably just an error which was showing 0 indexed url’s for your site and Google is on top of it and in fact already resolved it. I actually already checked my Google Webmaster Tools dashboard and everything is back to normal before I even got to publish this post. Talk about panic attack in the middle of my day, but it’s good to know Big G was on top of it and already resolved it. I’m so glad it was a little error on Google’s part and not on my part.

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