8 Plugins to Transform WordPress into an Ecommerce Store

This is a Guest Post written by Tom Walker, learn more about him below.

Ecommerce is an attractive way to do business, but the cost of entry can be prohibitive for small businesses and individuals who want to sell online. For this group of people there may be hope: ecommerce plugins are available that take the free open source WordPress blogging and content management system platform and convert it into a platform for online sales. Here are 8 plugins that transform WordPress into an ecommerce store!

1. Quick Shop: this plugin supports any WordPress installation that has sidebar widgets enabled. This is, in fact, a sidebar widget that displays the contents of the shopping cart and comes with a tool that allows you to add products to your blog posts. Quick Shop uses TinyMCE for inventory control and product listings. It integrates with the CFormsII API so it is easily customizable. Formatting for the Quick Shop add-in is governed by settings within the WordPress administration dashboard.

2. YAL Shopping Cart: for a simple shopping cart, YAK is quite a powerful solution. When plugged into WordPress, YAK associates merchandise with a blog post. In fact, the number of the post is what YAK uses for the code for each item. Customers can then browse through the available products, add them to the customizable shopping card, and check out. The admin login screen has a page for order management and processing, another for managing products, and another for reporting.

3. WP e-Commerce: this powerful addon for WordPress allows users to sell tangible products, digital downloads, and even services through the blogging platform. This free plugin integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout, and Payment Express to make payment processing painless. It also includes marketing tools that integrate with Facebook and email to help promote your store. You can use your own code to customize WP-e-Commerce and use built-in themes to make your WordPress store unique. Also, a premium version of WP eCommerce is available, so you can add even more features as your online business grows.

4. PHPurchase: if you need to offer options for products that affect price, PHPurchase may be the solution for you. You define the product variations available and the way they impact the item’s cost. You can also add custom fields for each item for sale to accept special details such as names for engraving and other information that you need to make sales of your products smooth and customer friendly. This flexibility comes with other strong features like an order management interface, store promotions, and shipping options. PHPurchase sells for $49 for a single site license. Other licensing options are also available.

5. Ecommerce Theme: for a fully functional store that works with WordPress out of box, Ecommerce Theme is a strong option. With this plugin installed, you can feature products on your site’s homepage, and have full control over the number and manner your products are displayed. Full search engine optimization options combine with powerful store management features to make this low cost WordPress store something to consider when you decide to sell online. This WordPress ecommerce platform sells for $79.95.

6. ArePayPal: this is a unique WordPress plugin that allows you to sell blog content online. Now you can sell your expertise rather than just giving it away. You have answers, customers have PayPal, setting up a win-win situation. When users come to the page that contains information they need, they are shown instructions on how to proceed in order to view the content.

7. WP Auctions: start using your WordPress blog to sell auction style with the addition of this simple plugin. You get to add some excitement to your selling while escaping the costly fees associated with popular auction sites. WP Auctions features product image management, buy it now options, rss feeds, and third party advertising. Convenient integration with PayPal makes buying from your auctions a pleasant experience. This plugin sells for $29.99.

8. Shopp: this is a commercial ecommerce plugin for WordPress that features drag and drop functionality for configuring product images, special product searches, order history information, shipping and discounts, as well as promotional coupon codes. A single site license costs $55.

This is a guest post brought to you by Tom Walker, a blogger who works with a specialist store offering HP supplies in the UK. He is also the lead editor for their blog where he focuses on the topics of print media and advertising design.

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