7 WordPress Plugins that Can Make You Money

This is a guest post by Melissa Tamura, learn more about her below.

Many people start a blog just to get their feet wet. They write and write and start churning out content every day. Some get few visitors and get discouraged. Some get lots of visitors and their blog keeps getting bigger and more popular. Whatever the case, at some point, they take a look at their blog and ask the classic question – How can I make money with this thing?

Luckily, with the worldwide popularity of WordPress, there are a whole slew of plugins that can help either a budding or experienced blogger make money. Some are free, some cost a little money to use, but whatever the price, here are 7 WordPress plugins that can make you money;

AdSense Manager
This WordPress plugin makes it incredibly easy to put up and maintain ads from Google’s AdSense program on your blog. Instead of having to go through complex steps in order to get the AdSense ads up on your blog, AdSense Manager does it for you, generating the AdSense code automatically and allowing you to place and change position of the ads through the use of widgets.

Ad Rotator
AdRotator is a wonderful little plugin for those of you who want to best use the ad space you currently have on your blog. This WordPress plugin will automatically rotate the ads you chose to appear on a certain place of your blog. This is controlled by text files created by the user. The great thing about this plugin is it can be used not only for AdSense, but also Clicksor, Chikita and other ad programs, as well as displaying text messages, photos, or almost anything you want to put in the space.

Smart Ads
This is an interesting WordPress plugin that is supposed to be kind to your regular readers by not throwing large amounts of ads at them, yet still monetize the archives of your blog. SmartAds will place ads both above and below your posts, yet implement a time delay. Instead of the ads going live the day you publish your post, they will appear when your posts are 10 days old or 30 days old and so on. Additionally, you can set the word length as an additional parameter – shorter posts get no ads, for example. Flexible and powerful.

This little WordPress plugin allows the blogger to place footers under the RSS feed at the end of the post. This footer can be filled up with ads (maximum of 10 ads), images, affiliate banners or the html code of your choice. A nice way to get a click or two before your reader leaves.

WP125 Ad Management
This plugin is great for the person who has little 125×125 ads on their blog. It is a multi-functional plugin that allows you to maintain, change, deactivate and upload ads on your blog – all with incredible ease.

BayRSS2.0 )
While the name may not be catchy or fancy, this plugin can help generate money through not just ads, but affiliate sales. Diversifying the various sources of income one makes from their blog is always a good idea. Installing this RSS feed wrapper plugin will do just that, allowing you to make money from both eBay and Amazon affiliate sales.

WordPress Paypal Donation Plugin
Begging for money is not only an honorable profession it can also be quite lucrative. Take this old profession and update it for the internet age and your blog. This plugin installs a small “donate” button, allowing users who appreciate your posts but are unwilling to click on ads or buy something through Amazon to still financially support their favorite blogs.

So there you have it – 7 WordPress plugins that can make you money. Maybe you’ll get a lot, maybe enough to cover your hosting fees, maybe just enough for a cheap cup of coffee. But you’ll never know until you install them and give them a shot.

This guest post was submitted by Melissa Tamura. Melissa writes about medical coding certification for Zen College Life, a blog about online schools.

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