How to Easily Create a WordPress Blog with Hostgator

Here’s a post on how to create a WordPress blog with hostgator hosting, easily. I wanted to show how simple and easy it really is to have your very own professional looking blog in a short amount of time. I had just setup another blog the other day, which only took me a few minutes, and I was thinking about how intimidated and confused I was when I first tried making my own blog. Most beginners don’t realize how simple and quick it really is to setup your very own blog or website using hostgator and wordpress.

Why Not use a FREE hosted blog?

Yes, there are several places to create a FREE hosted blog, but there are several disadvantages of not having your very own “self hosted blog” on your own domain name. With a FREE Hosted blog, you are sharing their hosting and domain name. That means they can have complete control over your blog, so making money from it will be tough, or not even allowed. You won’t have a control panel for you to have complete access over your sites or be able to see all your stats. It’s very unprofessional, it could get taken down at any moment, and many won’t take your website seriously. Make sure you consider these things if you are planning on creating a online business, or making real money from your blog down the road. A “FREE hosted blog” url will look like this, instead of

Having your own “self hosted blog” means getting your own domain and hosting plan, which if you use the coupon code below, you can get started for only 1 cent today! There’s endless opportunities and reasons to have your own domain and hosting plan. You’ll be in full control, the owner, empowering, a wise investment, and there’s multiple ways for you to monetize your own sites and blogs.

The basic 3 things that you will need to create your own blog are, a domain name, hosting plan, and a blog platform. A domain name is the url like for my blog it’s Hosting is where your blog is being stored at and allows the public to see it on the internet. Blogging platform will allow you to design, build and add content to your blog easily and quickly.

Why use WordPress (WP) the #1 blog platform?

WordPress is the simplest and fastest way for anyone to create professional looking blogs or websites with the least amount of effort. is for “self hosted blogs” only, which means you’ll need to get your own hosting and domain first. Don’t worry, I have listed the exact steps you need to take below, which is a very quick and simple process. WordPress is the #1 blogging platform used by newbies and the Top Professional Bloggers alike. You don’t need to know any coding, programming or be a designer to have a awesome looking blog. WP uses plugins, which allow you to add just about anything to your blog without messing with the coding. Changing your theme, design, or layout, can easily be done with point and click. Oh yeah, WordPress is 100% FREE, all you need is your own domain and hosting plan.

Why Hostgator (HG)?

Hostgator is the #1 hosting company with millions of domains being hosted. They’ve received numerous awards and is the most dependable company I’ve ever used. You can host unlimited websites on one hosting account. WordPress can be installed with just a few clicks using HG, and this is the hosting I use as well. I changed over to Host gator a few years ago when I started having problems with my old hosting company and I couldn’t ever get in touch with their customer service. Everyone was telling me to changeover to hostgator, especially for WP blogs. Their customer service is intelligent and the BEST I’ve ever dealt with.  They have 24/7 live support, or you can contact them by email and phone. They make everything very easy for beginners with all their tutorials, forum and their easy to use Cpanel- it’s where you’ll be able to have full control over your websites or blogs. Very inexpensive pricing and features that can’t be beat. With prices starting at only $5 dollars a month, but I’ve got some coupon codes and discounts for you to use below.

Steps to Create your WordPress blog with Hostgator

First off, if you don’t have your own hosting or want to transfer from your old host to HostGator then Click Here first and get a HG account. You’ll have to choose a domain name for your hosting account if this is your first one with them. Choose a domain name that either will be the name for your blog, brand name for your business or you can choose to just use your own name, like I did for this blog. One of my hosting accounts with HG is under this domain name “” but I have like 20 other domain names under this one hosting account. I suggest you get at least the Baby Plan which allows you to add unlimited websites or domains, plus all the other extras like, free transfers, FREE templates, site builder and much more. Choose whatever plan that best suits your needs.

I know of 2 Legit Hostgator discounts or coupon codes that still work currently. The first coupon code will be added automatically when you choose a plan and it takes off 20% from your entire hosting purchase. Choose a plan and look on the lower part of the site, see the code? You’ll only get the 20% off one time, so you might want to pay for more than 1 month. The other discount takes off $9.94 from your hosting plan purchase, enter coupon code mathewday1 at checkout, which will allow you to get hosting for your first month for only 1 cent.

Now, for those of you who just opened a new account with HG it’s going to take a little time for your domain name servers (dns) to propagate properly before you can see your site/blog online. Also, you’ll get a email with details on how to get into your Cpanel (control panel). This shouldn’t take to long and if you have any questions about it just talk to your HG support and they’ll let you know the status.

How to install WordPress on hostgator

Once you have access, log into your cpanel for your HG hosting, scroll down and click on the Fantistico De Luxe icon in the software/services section.

Now, once your in, look on the left hand side and you’ll see all the different scripts you can install onto your domain. Click the wordpress link, then click on the new installation link and now choose what domain name you want to install wordpress onto. Fill out “Admin access data”, this is what you’ll need to access your WP dashboard, so remember this name and password. Fill out the “Base configuration” with the name you want shown for your posts that you write, email address and your website’s domain name for your blog. Click install if everything looks correct and then enter a email for them to send this information so you’ll have it just in case you need it in the future. Now you’re done and just installed WP on your new domain.

After you’ve installed WordPress onto your domain name, enter the domain name into your address bar and checkout your new WordPress blog.   Now look for the “Meta” section on the right sidebar and “login” to your WP blog. This is where you’ll be able to get into your WP dashboard and add content, change things around and change your theme/template with just a few clicks. Enter the admin nickname and password you previously created when you were installing wordpress onto this domain.

Once you are in your WP dashboard scroll down and look on the left for the section that says appearance. Now just click on “add new themes” and you’ll be able to find new themes or layouts and install them with a few clicks. Or go to this site for to checkout some of the popular themes available.

How to install WordPress if you already have hostgator hosting, but added another domain

This is the same steps you would take if you already had hostgator hosting and just added a domain to your hosting account. If you purchase another domain name with hostgator, remember to first change the dns for the domain to your hostgator servers after purchasing, and do a addon domain in your cpanel. After you do those two things, then you can add wordpress onto it just like above.

Now all you need to do is add content, SEO, and work on getting traffic to your blog. I know you’ll be happy with hostgator hosting and with wordpress. Honestly I barely have made any money online with my FREE hosted blogs, but once I got my own domains and used wordpress, I’ve created a real online business and do this full time now. I hope my tutorial on how to create a wordpress blog with hostgator was helpful and not to hard to follow. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, and please share this post with any others who it may help.

Video – Installing WordPress using Hostgator Hosting

I found this video that explains everything above pretty nicely and maybe a bit easier to follow. Hope it helps.

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  1. Hostgator: great. WordPress: great. Combination of the two: great.
    But jaaaaay for Mathew Day for helping us get the whole shebang working!
    Won’t say “I couldn’t have done it without you”, but it sure as hell would have taken a LOT longer :). So thanks, Mathew, for putting this up, and also for the rest of your tips. I already shared a website (somebody else made it and got it going), but now I can seriously get to work on and with my own blog.

  2. When you see the WordPress script in Hostgator (as your picture above shows), WordPress is listed under blogs, and not under CMS. Does that matter? I mean, if I want to create a website that is not just going to be a blog?

  3. @Monica, No it doesn’t matter. WordPress is just better known as an blogging platform, but you can easily create websites with WordPress too. WordPress is pretty much universal now for either creating blogs or websites.

  4. continue with the the good work on the blog. I like it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i’m sure that you got more or better things to do , hehe. :p

  5. Mathew,

    I was just doing a search to find out how long it takes from the time I install my WordPress with Hostgator and the time that my site is “live”. I found your article and found your instructions to be really simple and very helpful.

  6. Hi Mathew,
    I’ve been searching so many tutorials on how to get my own WordPress Blog/Website set up but I’ve been going around in circles until I came across your blog. Thank you for explaining EVERYTHING in the shortest possible way. Clear and concise. Thank you. I will be joining them soon enough to get my site setup.

  7. wow! That’s a log of geri-Moms!
    thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! I’m about to start my blog, which a few minutes ago seemed impossible!
    Off I go to become geri-Mom, thanks to you!

  8. wow! i stumbled on your website in google. You have a very useful information about creating a website, especially about creating a blog site.
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