FREE Private-Label Rights Package – 90 Graphics and Templates

Since my main goal for this blog is to genuinely help people succeed online, I wanted to give everyone something for FREE that you could make some money from, build a list with, or for personal use. So I am giving away this entire Private Label Rights Package for FREE, which includes 70 graphics and 20 mini site templates. You also will have the Master Resale rights and can pretty much do anything you want with it.

There is NO Catch! You don’t need to sign-up for my list, do anything in return, or pay even 1 cent to get it.

You can sale them at any price that you want, personally use them yourself, add it to another PLR package, give it away as a Bonus, or whatever your creative mind can think of. You could also give them away after they sign-up for your opt-in list for a newsletter or for a squeeze page.

Private Label Rights (PLR) means, (just in case you didn’t know) you can edit them anyway you want to and claim yourself as the owner, well at least for this PLR package. Sometimes the original owner will have different terms and will let you know what you are or aren’t allowed to do with it. Master resale rights (MRR) means you can resell them for whatever you want and keep 100% of the profits.

This FREE Private Label Rights package includes 20 mini site templates like the one below. They are all different and unique from each other. The template below is also included. You’ll be able to edit them anyway you like. These templates are great for landing pages, squeeze pages or for a small website.

There are over 70 web graphics which includes icons, order buttons and guarantee buttons. Here are some examples of the web graphics included below. I think they are pretty cool and unique. Use them on the templates, for landing pages, or any way you like.

I have the entire private label package in a zip file. If you don’t already have some type of zip file software then you should download a FREE trial of winzip here.

UPDATE: (3/24/10)- I will only be giving this PLR pack out for 1 more week. Sorry, times up!

Download the FREE Private Label Rights Package here. Just click the download link with the left mouse button and you can save it to your computer or open it. You can also just click the right mouse button hovered over the link and save it to your computer too.

I hope everyone enjoys my little web template and graphic package and it helps you out in someway. Just do me a favor and tell anyone who you think might be interested in or could benefit from this FREE PLR and MRR package.


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6 Responses to FREE Private-Label Rights Package – 90 Graphics and Templates

  1. Wow thanks for this! You know I’ve been really looking for some graphic/vectors that I can use in my blog. This will really be a very big help for me!

    • No, I had to buy something from the original creator and he gave these to me as a bonus to do whatever I wanted to do with it. You can read the license that comes with it. I changed nothing on it, except added my site to it.

      You won’t be able to get this PLR pack, I doubt, anywhere else without buying something first, or signing up for their newsletter.

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