WhyDoWork – Cool Adsense Plugin for WordPress

I just recently heard about the Why-Do-Work Adsense Plugin for WordPress. It’s not a new WP plugin by any means, it’s been out for a good while now. I had found out about the WhyDoWork WP plugin because several established bloggers I know have been trying it out lately, and have reported they have Greatly Increased their Adsense Revenue with it. There are many cool features that aren’t available on many of the other Adsense plugins, so I changed over to this one as well. This is a totally FREE plugin by the way.

What I like about the WhyDoWork Plugin

With this plugin, you can add Adsense adds on your WP blog with just a few clicks, without having to modify your template. Big Deal right, that’s what they all do. Here’s where it starts getting better. You can pick and choose where you Don’t want your adds to show up too, just enter the post ID or just use their no-adsense tag.

It’s gets even better, choose X amount of days you want adds to show up on certain posts. Choose 15 days and your adsense adds will only show up on your posts that are at least 15 days old, only. A ton of different variations are available through this feature. The best part of this option allows you to not directly affect any of your loyal readers with the adds, but will show the adds to traffic coming to your older posts, great for search engine traffic.

The Why-Do-Work Adsense Plugin took little time to set-up, and I’ve seen no problems with it so far. I’ve already seen a little increase of clicks with my adds, and it should definitely help me make more money with adsense as soon as I am more established, and get more search traffic. I was just content with my regular adsense plugin, but this one just has some really cool features. It’s totally FREE, so why not give it a try.

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One Response to WhyDoWork – Cool Adsense Plugin for WordPress

  1. I am having a helluva time figuring out how to get the adsense ads to start showing on the posts.

    I have downloaded and installed the whydowork plugin

    I have edited it

    I like the previewed ad

    I cannot get it to show on any of the blog pages.

    What am I missing?

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