7 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your Conversions

Internet and Affiliate Marketers have two main goals in common, and that is to get more Targeted Traffic and Make More Sales. At the end of the day, for many of us, it’s a numbers game. Here are 7 sure fire ways to increase your conversions that have helped me close the sale in the past.

1. The Power of Presell – Don’t oversell your product or service. One of the first mistakes newbies make online is bombarding their visitors with affiliate links and banners. The more you help your visitor and give them actual value from your website, the more trusting they will become. You need to make them feel comfortable so they will let their guard down and indirectly sell your product or service. Give them some facts, resources, personal reviews and opinions. Answer any questions that might be on their minds, show them the benefits of the product/service and  present information in a way that subdues all doubt.  Show them firsthand what it could do for them and the value of the product or service.

2. Add a Bonus or Discount – This concept works like a charm. Whether you own your own product or a affiliate marketer, adding and using a discount or coupon code always tends to turn heads. It even works on infomercials that always have a special deal if they call within so many minutes. Checkout some Hot Products on Clickbank and you’ll see they utilize this concept. Making people feel like they are getting a special discount always makes them feel better on their purchase. If you’re a affiliate marketer, getting a exclusive promo code will always put you ahead of your competition and increase your conversions.

3. Visualize the Future – Thinking and planning ahead on your next project will put you way ahead of your competition. Creating and marketing a product/service before it’s HOT, will allow you to capitalize on it. I got lucky with the gas prices a couple years ago. Remember when the gas price was unbelievably high just a year or two ago? When they were just beginning to rise, I searched for gas saving products to market and I made a killing with them because I already had websites for those keywords before most of the competition caught on. Think about the person who created the first GREEN Environmental Product or Social Media Marketing site, you know they are getting plenty of business and sales right now. While most of us are trying to get to the top of those niches pushing those type of products and websites, they are already there.

4. Sell what people are desperate for – You want to make some easy conversions, then just start marketing things that people can’t wait to have. These type of products and services, people aren’t as cautious or indecisive about. They don’t have the luxury or time to compare or inquire for the best deal and value. Usually a firsthand experience on how or what the product/service did for you will close the sale. Think about it, there are more pawn shops and cash loan services than ever, even though they charge a HEFTY % for a loan. Why are they so in demand? When the human mind is in despair,  people will do whatever to resolve the problem. Acne, money/credit saving services, and impotence products are just some of the niches that would fit in this category.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency (Call to Action) – Most people I’m sure you’ve seen firsthand like to check around, compare, and network with others before they make a purchase. The chance of you converting a visitor into a buyer the very first time they see your product on your site is very slim. People want the best value and deal, just like you and me. I know I put things off or wait to the very last moment before I take action on something. To increase your conversion rate though, create some sense of urgency and a call to action to your product or service. Use graphics and content that will make the visitor believe it’s a last minute deal or their going to lose out on something if they don’t take action now.

6. Testimonials and Firsthand Reviews – We all want to hear from others how the product/service worked for them and what value it will give to us. Naturally, we are all skeptical when we hear or read about something new. We don’t want to look like a fool or fall for a scam. We don’t just rely on a stranger telling and showing us what their product or service will do. We want to see proof and hear from others who have tried it out first. Having testimonials and having recognition from people who are established or have authority in the niche, greatly increases the conversion rate. The top selling infomercial products, internet marketers and bloggers all utilize this idea to the fullest. Just look at any of their products/services and you’ll see a ton of testimonials and gurus who endorse their product.

7. Be Aggressive with your ads – This technique is probably more for experienced marketers who already have some established sites. I don’t mean throw links in every sentence you write or throw adsense on your entire 500 word affiliate landing page either. Positioning ads where they can’t be missed will allow many of your visitors want to click on them. Web savvy people and marketers tend to naturally ignore banners and adsense on blogs/sites. We are blinded to them, so that’s when you sometimes need to put your ads right in the middle of your content, or at the very top of your posts. Blending in your ads is great, but experiment and be aggressive where you see fit. If you have loyal readers on your blog, then make sure you don’t impact them when you write new posts. Be aggressive with your adds on all of your older posts.

These are just 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Conversions that I’ve learned and use. Many times if you just think like the consumer you are trying to engage, it can give you many great ideas on how to effectively market to them. If anyone can add to this list, please share.

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