Make a Profit from Direct Linking with Google AdWords

One controversial question that always seems to come up, especially for newbies who are new to Google AdWords is, should I direct link to the sales page or create a landing page? Around 9 out of 10 so called Pay Per Click experts are going to tell you to create your own landing page. I sometimes like going against the grain so I’ve done a lot of experimenting with direct linking to a sales page.

I also use landing pages, but direct link whenever I see a good opportunity to save time and make a good ROI from it. Many of my most profitable direct linking campaigns on Google Adwords comes from placing my adds on keywords with the actual name of the website in it. I’m sure you can figure out why that is.

First off, I find a good affiliate offer that has a good sales page, usually the more popular it already is, the better. But placing adds on a new product with low searches and low competition will allow you to be in a good spot on Google Adwords when it does get popular. It could be a good CPA offer, clickbank product, or a cost per lead (CPL), doesn’t really matter what kind of affiliate offer you use. Just make sure whatever affiliate offer you use, allows direct linking.

I use a keyword tool and look up keywords for the volume of searches to see what keywords I’m going to use and their competition. Obviously the more searches for the keyword the better, at least for the experienced.

Remember, Google Adwords only displays one add per domain to be shown for each keyword at a time. Most “buying words” or exact names of popular websites will have several people direct linking to the sales page with the same domain name for those keywords, but only one will be shown. Google Adwords says it uses the quality score of the campaign, CTR and the amount of your bid to decide which add to show when 2 or more people are trying to display/use the same url. There are other options of direct linking like buying a domain name, redirects and etc…. but I usually don’t use those methods.

How do you get Google Adwords to start showing your add?

You need to start out with a high bid and continually change your add to be as relevant to your keywords and landing page. Hopefully you’ll be able to create a add more relevant than your competitor and then Google Adwords will start showing your add instead of theirs. It’s not really that difficult most of the time. I like looking at the sales page and sometimes even choosing a phrase or keywords they use quite often and adding that to my campaign. Once your add is showing, remember there are people who are trying to knock you out of that spot, so you have to get a very good CTR or your add may stop showing. You have to find the perfect balance of relevant keywords for your landing page, but also you need to create a add that get’s MEGA ATTENTION for a good CTR. With certain keywords it’s best to be the #1 add spot and this usually will also lead to a excellent click through rate.

I usually try to get a insane CTR, sometimes near 40% or higher with really low CPC. The picture above shows my keywords for one of my campaigns, these keywords have a good search volume daily and I started off paying more than a dollar per click, but quickly got it down to single digits per click after changing up the adds and keyword options.

Having the #1 spot can also end up costing a lot per click (CPC), which is why you need to continue to change your add around and strive to get a perfect 10 quality score for your keywords. Like the picture to the left is for the same campaign above.

I had to write a post about making a profit by direct linking using Google Adwords since so many people frown upon it and say there’s no way of making actual profit from it, cause I’ve done it and still do it. This post isn’t really meant for a newbie trying out PPC or Google Adwords for the first time. It’s quite easy to lose a lot of money quickly without a little experience.

I wasn’t able to start making profit in general from Google Adwords or especially from direct linking until I had gotten the right knowledge and experimented on my own. What’s great, once you’re confident using Google Adwords is that you can create a profitable campaign just about whenever you want to. You’ll be able to see things differently, like spot opportunities at just a glance. It also will be much easier to bump people out of a spot and have your ads show up.

I highly recommend getting some knowledge and training before you try your luck with Google Adwords. You can currently join the #1 PPC Training site for only $1 and get coaching from experienced experts. Remember, Pay per click programs, affiliate offers and Google Adwords may all have their own set of rules. Make sure you read each individual policy and tos cause some methods or offers may not be allowed.

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