Grab Attention and Increase Click Through Rate

facebook friend adderDoes the banner grab your attention and spark your interest? Don’t stare at it to long or you might go into a trance, just playin.

Think outside the box, be creative, and you’ll probably Increase click through rate with your banners or links.

I saw this banner the other day, and I had to click it. I haven’t ever seen anything like it for a long time as for internet marketing and online businesses.

I saw this banner on this website, and it reminded me to always be open minded. You should check the site out if you’re looking for any social media software to help manage your accounts.

There’s always more ways, even things that have never been done, or created before, that can increase click through rate, or increase conversions.

What makes me click a banner I see on a website or blog?

I usually click banners when it’s something that I’ve been searching for, grabs my attention, out of the ordinary, discounts, or the persons site really helped me out in some way and I want to give back via affiliate link. What makes you click a banner?

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One Response to Grab Attention and Increase Click Through Rate

  1. The banner is indeed interesting because it features something very familiar. Hitman that is, and to those who have watched it will likely be interested in checking the banner. 🙂

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