Make Money Online Without Selling Anything

I’ve had this idea for a long time actually for creating websites and blogs aimed at people who don’t or can’t make purchases online. You probably know who I’m talking about, the very conservative who still don’t trust putting their credit card number into any computer, the seniors who think there’s no use for the internet (let alone make a purchase online) and of course you can’t forget about the kids. Now what kind of site or blog am I talking about?

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I am talking about sites or blogs specifically made for making money online from CPA – click per acquisition or action, CPC – cost per click, CPM – click per Mille, or 1,000 impressions and you make money by amount of impressions. They won’t have to make any purchases and it’s a great demographic for making money online just from clicks and impressions.

I know this isn’t a new concept or anything, but the whole reason I started thinking of creating sites for this was because I have a ton of family members/friends and I spend a lot of time with kids. I have a daughter, a ton of neices, nephews… I’ve seen there uses and skills on the computer, they blow me away sometimes.

In fact, some of them are constantly on their little netbooks and clicking on adds all day and night. One night I was thinking to myself, wow the sites aimed at youngsters make a killing from ads getting clicked on because a lot of it has to do with there age and knowledge. Older and more computer savvy adults click adds a lot less than a youngster who sees, let’s say Google Adsense adds all over.

Now we have the groups of seniors who still think the internet is useless to them or “evil”, but their age group is immensely growing every year for being online and the adults who still don’t trust purchasing anything online. Now these type of sites mentioned above work well for them as well for making money on the internet because they don’t mind clicking on helpful adds. Here was a interesting read about seniors online habits I read on Mashable.

Here are the three types of ad networks that work well for sites made for making some extra money from these demographics I’ve been talking about in this post.

CPA – click per acquisition or action, usually you need to just give the company a lead and they handle the rest and you make money.

CPC – cost per click, Here’s some of the popular one’s you might want to checkout to make money from clicks.

CPM – cost per milli or 1000 impressions, make money from impressions.

A training program that you may be interested in that I am going to be joining very soon just so I can use the tools they provide is Blog Success. I was reading a section in their program the other day that actually taught you how to make blogs similar to this just spending minutes a day aimed at these type of demographics using some of their exclusive tools such as Utility Poster.

My suggestions for making a site or blog aimed at these demographics: children, seniors and adults who don’t make purchases online is to think like them, ask them what kind of sites they like and look at examples online for these kind of sites. For instance for kids, think games, cartoons etc….  Also think of things they look up online whether for information or entertainment. Always remember to blend your adds and experiment. UGRKV75VJWG4

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  1. CPA was the HOT thing in 2009 for a reason… And you hit that reason right on the head. It’s a great way to monetize otherwise tough-to-monetize sites. Cool post with a nice explanation.

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