Are Blog Carnivals Dead?

One of the first things new bloggers look for are traffic and backlinks for their new blogs.  That’s if you want anyone else but You and your Grandma to read your posts. Blog carnivals – (a type of blog event which is similar to a magazine. It is dedicated to one topic such as “Make Money Online” and published on a regular schedule, like per week or mth. Every new edition will be in the form of a blog post with short descriptions and permalinks or anchor text to the original entire article posts.)

It’s one of the methods many new bloggers including myself use to gain more exposure, meet other like minded people and backlinks since so many Big Blogs use to recommend them. But now many people think they are dead or not even worth your time.  Here’s an Example of a Blog Carnival for Work at Home topic.

Here’s my take on them since I’ve been using them.

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The main reason I wanted to give “Blog Carnivals” a try was because obviously I wanted more traffic and links, but if you’ve ever read any old posts from any of the top internet marketing and blogging blogs from a few years ago they all talk about how great “BC’s” work for traffic, one way links and that it’s a good place to meet like minded people. Now keep in mind this also was a few years back and the internet world can change overnight.

This is the best Blog Carnival Site you will need to use.  You will be able to find just about any BC for almost any niche/topic and it’s FREE to join.  You can also even add your own blog carnival for others to find as well. I’ll talk about that later. This was the only site I used to find relevant blog carnival’s and added some of my better posts to as many relevant blogs to see what happens.

Here are my results after a few mths. I didn’t really get any PR juice since most of  the pages I added permalinks or anchor text to weren’t and still aren’t even indexed by Google and I get maybe about 40 unique visitors per mth from the blog carnivals I added my links to.

I didn’t really lose anything but time, since it was it was FREE, but I didn’t really gain much either.

What I’ve learned: The topic or niche I was trying to promote was “Internet Marketing” and “Make Money Online at Home” and those were the type of Blog Carnivals I was looking for.

There aren’t very many good Blog Carnivals out there that are on that specific topic, but if you have sites or blogs on other topics and niches such as dating, animals, current events, photography and so on then you can find a lot of good Blog Carnivals out there for them. They also will be really active, high trafficked and you’ll probably get some great backlinks as well. Just not for the “Make money niches.”

You can create and host your own “Blog Carnival” easily and this will bring fresh new content and articles to your blog. You’ll connect with like minded bloggers and if you do it right then you could have a high trafficked and successful blog. You can submit your own “Blog Carnival” <—here at the same site where you can find “BC” to join as well.

I don’t waste my time anymore with “blog Carnivals” for any of my Make Money Online niche blogs but I will use them for my other blogs that are in different niches.

This is just my take on them, have any of you had good or bad experiences with them or do you know of any other good sites to find good blog carnivals?

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