4 Key Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

I am a self taught Internet Marketer for nearly 2 years now, who started blogging a little over half a year ago. There are many reasons why I chose to and why you should start a blog if you haven’t already, but I’m not going to get into that in this post. Through trial and error, research and observation. I now know there are only “4 key ways to become a successful blogger” or make a blog successful. Especially now, with the new flood of wannabe Pro Bloggers and people who want their share of the cash cow that blogging has created.

4 Ways to Have a Successful Blog

1. Valuable Content – Your blog contains content that is helpful, unique, has value and over delivers with information about the topics you write about. It could also have really great and valuable videos or pictures.

It took a little while for me to finally catch on to this concept. You see, when I first started blogging I use to spread news and blog about things all the Big Blogs were blogging about as it happened. If you’re new to blogging and have a new blog, you’re not going to be able to compete with the accomplished blogs with huge lists of followers and authority.

Why would people come to my blog if I’m writing about the same things other people are or even if I’m changing it up a little with my own opinions? There still no reason for them to recommend or ever come back to my blog. You gotta give people something different, original, informational, helpful and eye popping content that is different than everyone else.

2. Awesome SEO – Your blog is successful because you get huge amounts of traffic from the SERP’S or search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I keep track of many different groups of keywords, but one of my main groups of keywords I watch carefully is the “Make Money Online” keywords. Many times I checkout the sites and blogs that are on the front pages of Google for Mega Keywords like “make money” which is searched in the millions per mth. Think of the traffic you would get if you had a blog on the front page of some keywords like that. Yeah, I know it would be nice.

Anyways, some of the blogs that are on the front pages for mega keywords are some of the cheesiest sites that I’ve ever seen. Even the design, functionality and content of their blogs suck. After reading a few posts I can tell right off the bat that they really have no clue on what they are talking about. So how did they get on the front page of Google then? They have hired a SEO team or they used proper seo techniques and gotten themselves on the front of the serp’s probably over a long period of time.

3. Big Name or Big Brand – It’s pretty simple, you already are a Huge well known Brand Name or you are already a well known famous person and you start a blog.

The chances are it’s not  going to take you to long to get traffic to your blog and become successful. Many people who have a huge audience and authority in another field start blogging because they know or hope that they can expand their already big name or business into the blogging world.

Many of the Big Time Bloggers like “Problogger” have worked their butts off and used their skills, experience and intelligence to create a Huge Brand Name. It’s pretty safe to say, anything “Problogger” touches or endorses will be successful.

4. Tons of Exposure – I’ve seen other groups of blogs that do well and primarily are successful because they are forever promoting and marketing the heck out of their blog and name. Any chance they get they promote. Whether it be blog commenting, to putting their name out on articles and on other sites. They promote all the time for more exposure.

I don’t know about you but the type of blogs I like reading have original and unique content that helps me become a better blogger and person. All the three other reasons I listed have really no affect on me as in returning to their blog other than for networking purposes. I now know that’s what I need to do with my blogs in order for me to reach my goals and to get the exposure that I want to get.

If you want to actually be a successful blogger and I’m talking like “six figures a year” then you better be doing one or all of the 4 ways of becoming a successful blogger above…. or you just have Mad Skills that not even I can comprehend. What are your thoughts on this post or does anyone have anything to add?

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