100 Top SEO Tips-Tricks and Resources for 2009

I learned a great deal about search engine optimization (seo) tips and techniques in 2009. It also changed quite a bit this year as in search engine algorithms and social media coming up as a major player for traffic and the way it will change SEO in the near future. I know I love huge lists with valuable information, facts and resources that help me get more traffic and ultimately achieve more success online.

That’s why I decided to go out with a bang for the end of 2009 and compile a Huge List of search engine optimization tips/tricks, resources, changes and some new things I learned this year. Much of this list separates myths from facts and what and what not to waste your time on.

1. – Use the nofollow attribute (rel=”nofollow”) when needed

2. blog commenting is worthwhile but leave good genuine and helpful feedback

3. meta descriptions and their keywords dont matter and don’t boost position

4. post tags or tag clouds are still worth including

5. The Title tag to a post or article is most important, then heading tags is next in importance <h1><h2>

6. use keywords in permalink

7. don’t pay for links or be subtle about it

8. be cautious who you do reciprocal links with

9. use good seo tools to keep up with your competition and see what they are up to

10. post at least one new post to your blog everyday

11. get backlinks from relevant sites and content

12. pay for seo

13. use article marketing

14. most directories are worthless for PR Juice but can confuse your competition via link count

15. submit to “Yahoo directory”

16. submit to “Dmoz directory”

17. use keywords in titles of your images

18. use relevant sigs in forums

19. submit articles to “ezines”

20. interlink pages but in moderation

21. search spiders don’t like flash so use minimum amount as possible

22. implementing links with javascript don’t get spidered

23. create a sitemap

24. create a robots.txt

25. create account with “technorati” and claim blogs

26. create account with “blog catalog” and claim blogs

27. do guest posts on relevant blogs

28. social bookmark your great posts and have others do it as well

29. use “Twitter”

30. make it easy for people to bookmark your articles, with WP, just add a plugin

31. write pillar posts

32. create value in your content

33. don’t create mirror sites

34. stay away from black hat strategies

35. white hat seo methods is the way to go, especially for longevity

36. don’t try to trick search engines, especially Google

37. Google is still King

38. treat Google like a family member

39. hiring a good, legit and professional seo firm should cost thousands a mth. or a few hundred an hour, concentrate on ROI not the cost

40. read problogger

41. read doshdosh

42. read dailyblogtips

43. read dailyseotips

44. read google blog

45. read Matt Cutts blog

46. use wordpress

47. “all in one seo plugin” for WP is Awesome

48. “xml sitemap plugin” for WP is Awesome

49. don’t allow spam comments with permalinks to irrelevant sites

50. use link baits – examples: tutorials, vast collection of resources, solution to a common problem

51. use videos

52. use images

53. add titles in images, and keywords in your image alt or description tags

54. use “blogger”

55. read search engine land

56. read seomoz

57. Build the Perfectly Optimized Web Page

58. 301 redirect (permanent redirect) link it’s pointing to gets credit as the “real url” not the requested link (shortened link)

59. 302 redirect (temporary redirect) the requested link (shortened link) gets credit as the “real url” not the link it’s pointing to

60. SEO and search algorithms change constantly, stay on top of it

61. content is king as well as self promotion

62. use a good keyword tool, Google keyword tool is O.K. but a little behind on stats

63. anticipate what people will search for or “The Next Big Thing”

64. be careful of duplicate content, especially with your url’s

65. watch your Anchor text, don’t use “click here” use your keywords

66. stay focused on creating awesome content not “adding as many keywords you can”

67. only link to sites you feel worthy of linking to

68. Awesome Complete Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) lists and resources Top Rank Blog

69. Publish at least one killer blog post or article per week

70. spend one hour a day brainstorming and researching to write your pillar articles and link baits

71. network with other like minded people, marketers and bloggers daily

72. promote your killer articles and blog/sites everyday

73. consistently give value to your readers daily

74. shorter the url or domain name the better

75. personalize your content in your blogs and let your readers get to know the real you

76. build trust and create value

77. use Facebook

78. social media marketing is the future

79. 20 Top SEO plugins for WP mashable

80. use pinging services, like “pingomatic”

81. link build daily

82. every page should target a tight collection of keywords, around 3 to 5 all relevant to each other

83. create content that starts conversation or controversy

84. create content that drives conversions (sales)

85. keywords should be spread throughout content naturally, seen by search engines but not obvious to your readers

86. domain name registration length is a (SEO Myth)

87. Bold your keywords so they stand out

88. the first words of your content should include Keywords relevant for that page

89. All the SEO resources and tips/techniques for your “VideosReelseo

90. In SEO, keywords and branding don’t mix, optimize for your keywords to get traffic and your site should naturally rank for your brand name

91. don’t use tiny url’s to often, it can scare away some and not good for branding

92. use squidoo and hubpages

93. Anchor text links – keep under 8 words and 55 characters

94. search engines bring in most of the traffic to most sites but social media brings in more returning traffic to a website

95. use white space effectively in your web design

96. moonlighting in other areas can be a positive thing, example: you’re a pro. SEO and you also moonlight as a affiliate marketer and social media

97. adaptability and diversity will help you succeed and good for longevity

98. Top 50 SEO Blog Posts for 2009 Evancarmichael

99. Read as much as possible about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from credible sources

100. – Experimenting on your own is the best way to master SEO!

There you have it, my list of 100 to end this year. I hope this list and sources will help you out in some way since I’ve learned so much from others who write great and valuable content. I know I’m looking forward to 2010 and ready to improve my seo skills and implement what I’ve learned. Feel free to add anything you’ve learned this year or anything I might have missed.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Wow, this is quite a list of tips. I am going to read your post on perfecting key word page optimizing and then check out the plug ins for wordpress.

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