How to Make Money with clickbank Affiliate Program (Part 2 of 2)

You should have now already joined “Click Bank”, gotten familiar with their website and tools, picked out 1 or a couple products in their marketplace and today will be the day you’ll learn how to Make Extra Money at Home with Clickbank Affiliate Program (Part 2 of 2) . I hope you are excited and ready to Make Money on the Internet with CB and for some of you, today will be the day you start your very own Website and Business.

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Now you need to make a website or landing page for your products that you chose.  This will have information or reviews about your clickbank products using your unique affiliate links.  This will ultimately direct the visitor to the actual cb product where they will be able to purchase the product.


For this tutorial, you will learn to Make a landing page – simple, usually one page website that will presell your CB products.  It’s the first page people see when they find your website.  They are quick and simple to make, but one of the most effective methods to make extra money at home with click bank affiliate program.

One of the ways you can see your competition once you choose a Clickbank offer is to just Google the name of the CB offer you chose and ad review at the end of it. This will also give you ideas on how to create a click bank landing page.

I wouldn’t ever copy another website or especially the content.  Search engines especially Google, doesn’t like duplicate content.  Original content that you wrote is always best and plus, usually all the sites will have copyright protection.

Tips on making your website:

As you saw there’s basically two popular ways to make your landing page that work well.

  1. One product review – You do a review or informational site on just one product.
  2. Multiple product review – Usually best with 3 different items but all in the same niche. Example:  niche – make solar panels, then make a landin page with 3 different Click bank choices that teach how to make solar panels.  Rate each product as best to worse like some of the example’s listed for you above.
  3. Your CB product should have affiliates resources for you to use like banners, links graphics and etc… it will usually look something like this found at the end of the description found in the marketplace:  “”

How to make a Effective landing page for your clickbank products:

Now there’s a few ways of doing this for free or with a little money.  The thing about using these FREE Website Platforms below  is that they own your site so you won’t have the same freedom as to having your own website.  Meaning, you are using their hosting and they control your sites.  I don’t mean they will go in and change your actual website but they can ban or close it if they don’t think it’s appropriate.

They control what is and isn’t allowed.  For instance, like squidoo doesn’t allow many of the clickbank products and they will close your site or ban you from their service.   Example of a banned site:   Squidoo and Hubpages are the most strict.  The others listed below are more lenient.  It’s so much easier to appear on the front pages of Google in the search engine results pages (serps) if you have your own domain and host anyways.

How to pick out Keywords

You need to spend some time picking your key-words or phrases, they will make you or break you.  Go here to learn more about Keywords (exact words people enter in search engine) are very important and you will need to find and use the right ones.  If you don’t, you’ll never make it on the front page of Google organically or without paying money.  Only choose keywords with less than “75,000” results with quotes around your key words.  The lower the number  the better until you are more experienced.

Put quotes around the keyword or phrase like this “your key-words” into google search engine.  This will allow you to see your competition for those exact words.  Take the Quotes off and redo it.  A lot more results come up, right.  Without them, you will get results for every site with similar words.

After you found a few good keywords or phrases (Make sure you use the best words in the title’s) now you will need to scatter these words you chose throughout your LP or site.  A good ratio is 6% key words to regular words in your content.   Also, put your main words in the beginning of your first paragraph.

How to Pick a Good Domain Name

Picking out a Good Domain name once you choose a website platform for your landing page.  If you had looked at the example’s I showed you above then you probably noticed that all their domain names had the “Click bank product name” somewhere in it.

Example:  “”  If you put the name of your CB product in your domain then it will be easier to get on the first page of Google, so think about a good name before you make your final decision.  Another alternative is to pick a name that will go with your niche or market.

Make a FREE website or blog below

I have listed the best places to make a Free website or blog.  In order from the most powerful to the least.  You gotta remember to pick a good domain name but if you are serious about making money on the internet then you should get your own hosting and domain.

For Serious Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers Only!

Now if you are actually SERIOUS about Making Extra Money at Home and are looking to do this potentially as a Full Time Job or want to make the Most Sales Possible from Affiliate Programs like Clickbank then you need to have your own Domain Name and Hosting.

You will have 100% Full Control over your websites or home business.  You don’t have to worry about being banned or what you write about.  It’s not nearly as complicated as you may think.

You don’t have to be a Webmaster or know a lick of html.  When I got my first hosting and my very own website, I didn’t know squat about html or making a website.  With hostgator, it has been very easy to make websites and blogs with little or no html or website knowledge.  Also, the older your domain is the more valuable it will be in the future.  Earlier you start the faster you can become successful with a Legit Internet Business and you’ll be able to make extra money at home sooner than you thought.

It is also one step closer to becoming a successful internet marketer, to be successful in this field you gotta be All In 100% or it’s going to be a frustrating journey for you.  You will eventually need to get your own hosting and domain so you can start branding yourself and company anyways.   This will allow you to make multiple websites, landpages or even be able to start a blog, like this one.

I suggest you use Hostgator for your hosting.  I have Two Host accounts with them and have been using them for a few years now.  I love their customer support, reliability and all the extra features/tools you get.  Checkout there Season Special Promotion right now  Hostgator Season Special Updated: a coupon code is automatically entered once you choose a hosting plan, see it? or you can enter coupon code mathewday1 and get started with Host Gator for only 1 cent!

Here’s just a few of the reasons why you should get Hosting from Host Gator:

  • Many hosting plans great for newbies to advanced webmasters
  • Very Affordable, Hosting starting at only $5 a mth
  • Host Unlimited Sites with one host
  • 24/7 Live chat and Customer Service
  • A leader in the Hosting and Domain industry for years
  • Hosting over 2 million domains currently, Reliable and Trustworthy!
  • FREE Website Builder
  • FREE 4,500 Web Templates
  • Promotion – Season Special, Take 20% off Today!

You will also need a FTP client – (file transfer protocol) allows you to move files to and from your hosting.  You gotta have one.  If you got a Hostgator account then they have many places for you to get one or you can use this FREE Core FTP …. I’ve used it and for free software, it’s been awesome.  I also have and use the “smart ftp” and “cute ftp”  which I use the most.  You only really need one.

Resources that will help you make more money at home with clickbank

Landing Page Format and Key things to Have on it:


Title –

Make sure you use Most Important Keywords here, eye catching and Gets attention


Brief description of your site, what’s it about etc….use good keywords near the beginning and make it build up to your main points.  This is where people will either stay on your site or leave and not come back.

Main Body

Make it Informational and detailed.  This is where you will write about your product, service, solution to a problem and etc…  Make sure you presell and show the benefits of what your product can do for them.  Use pictures, graphics, charts and videos here also.   Don’t forget about keywords.  Also, Create a Sense of Urgency to “make them take action”


Brief summary of what you talked about and closing comments on your product.  Add some keywords here also.


You need to write articles about your Click Bank products leading them to your landing page.  Make sure you use Ezines listed for you in the resources above.  They are the most powerful and make sure you use keywords from your LP on your articles, especially in the title.   Put a link back to your website at the bottom of your ezine article.  Use Key-words for your link as well.

If you need to see examples just go to ezines and look at some articles.  Now the more articles and backlinks to your web site, the better and more powerful it will be.  Go here for Plenty of Resources and learn How to Get Backlinks to Your Site

For those of you who need more help with “How to Make an Effective Landing Page”, I will be writing a post very soon just on this subject.  But experiment with and try out what I have written in the two posts “How to Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Program

Those of you who read and reread both of these posts, used the resources and my advice, then you are on your way to Make Extra Money at Home whenever you want to.  Better yet, you now may have the opportunity to quit your day job or go part time in the near future and live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

Good Luck!

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