How to Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Program (Part 1 of 2)

I have made money online in many ways and by using many different affiliate programs.  If you are interested in the fastest and easiest way to make money online then this post is for you.  Make money with clickbank affiliate program because I’ve made a lot of money with them, some of my easiest sales have come from them and Clickbank or CB is one of the first affiliate programs I and every other internet marketer started off with.

A little history on “Clickbank“.  They were founded in 1998 which is a Huge feat in itself for surviving the dotcom crash a year or two later.  They are the #1 site for online digital products or “ebooks”.  Their website is one of top websites on the net for the most traffic and visitors daily.

What does Affiliate Mean? Simply means someone who markets other people’s/companies products, services or etc…  and gets paid a percentage for their successful efforts.

Why use CB?………almost every country and anyone can join them within a few minutes, ebooks are the easiest to sale and the most demanding product on the internet.  Information is the #1 reason why people use the internet.   You get paid at least 50% – 75% per sale.  I don’t know how much you know about business but that’s almost unheard of for a offline or online business.  PROOF you’ll make money and get paid.  They have paid out well over 1 Billion Dollars to their clients.  A sale is made every 3 seconds and over 26,000 purchases a day.

You can choose how and when you want to be paid.  Choose to get paid weekly, direct deposit by check or whatever you choose.  There is over 12,000 products to choose from.  Lastly you don’t have to worry about getting paid because they act as a third party for handling the transactions for all the products in the clickbank marketplace.  You don’t have to rely on the actual owner of the websites to pay you.

Direct linking to the sales pages or CB products is allowed.  This means you don’t even need a website but having one will increase your sales ten fold.  There is really no other GOOD program online that allows direct linking.

Make sure you read their policies and tos when you join there are a few rules you’ll need to be familiar with.  Main one people miss is the part for new CB affiliates before you get paid.  Before you get your first check you gotta reach the requirements below

ClickBank will withhold payment of any account balance until the following criteria is met:

  • Sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers; and,
  • Sales made with two different payment methods (either Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal). Note: PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 different credit card numbers.

Don’t worry you’ll reach there criteria easier and faster than you think if you follow what I say and are serious about making money on the internet with Click Bank’s affiliate program.

You can choose to be an affiliate – selling other people’s products.  There’s over 12,000 products to choose from so finding something for your niche or interest will be a cinch.

LEARN About becoming a Clickbank Vendor Here – meaning you can create your own digital product and have it included in the CB marketplace.  You can make a TON of money quickly making your own product.  You should check it out maybe it’ll be something you will be interested in doing in the near future.  It’s not nearly unreachable as it may sound.

This will allow people to purchase your own products and also allows the CB affiliates (over 100,000) to sell it for you as well.  I have seen a few almost newbies in internet marketing become millionaires from creating one GREAT product within a year or two of  being in the internet marketing game.

Start your Journey to Make Money on the Internet with Click Bank

1. Join Clickbank Affiliate program first off if you haven’t joined already click the “Promote Products” Make sure you put some time into thinking of your affiliate ID or username because this will be what shows up in the url for your affiliate link.  Choose something professional looking and blend in.  People will be able to see your unique affiliate link or ID in the bottom left of their monitor and also will see it at the bottom of the salespage.

Don’t use your real name or something bogus or you will get less sales.  A good username would be “secure1” …… A bad username example would be “clown1”. Another good way to choose a user name is pick something that would make sense for your niche or market.

This is what your affiliate CB link will look like “

You see the red affiliate part that’s where your username or id will be seen and the vendor part will be for the product you choose.  Now you probably understand why it’s important to pick a good nickname/username.

2. Checkout their “marketplace” to look at all the different products you can choose to sell on the internet.  Okay now it’s time to get familiar with clickbank before you start to make money with their affiliate program.  Once you are in the marketplace You need to think of a “niche” or category….electronics, health & fitness, green energy or etc….  that you want to start promoting or making money from.  As a newbie I suggest you pick out a niche or category that you are into or know a lot about.  After you choose a category now start looking at the products and you’ll notice a gray strip below each product that looks like this below:

[$/sale: $30.01 | Future $: – | Total $/sale: $30.01 | %/sale: 75.0% | %refd: 70.0% | grav: 250.01]

  • 1st section means amount you make as an affiliate per sale
  • 2nd I believe means the amount you’ll get paid for a recurring product….don’t pay attention to this right now most are all blank anyways 
  • 3rd again is total amount per sale you’ll make
  • 4th means % amount of the product you’ll make per sale so like this example above you will make 75% percent
  • 5th means % amount of sales made by other internet marketers not the owner
  • 6th gravity means how many other click bank affiliates are selling that same product.

Now remember if you see high gravity that probably means it’s a HOT product and sales really well but this also means this is a very competitive product as well.  I suggest doing this.  Pick out just one or two products for now, your choice High gravity, low gravity or choose one in between.  Anything below 40  for grav: is low and anything above that number is high.

Now before settling on this product you need to look at the sales page, thoroughly.  Ask yourself these questions….. Does it look like a good salespage?  Would you purchase this product if you saw this sales page?  One note:  you need to look at everything thru the eyes of the consumer not necessarily by what you think is good or like, just keep that in mind.  I almost forgot choose something that pays good money.  At least 25$ a sale I don’t really waste my time with low paying items.

Many gurus online tell clickbank newbies to start off with low gravity products but many of them are really crappy or hard to sell.  The way I choose my products is by finding popular products for the moment.  Example maybe a brand new product, what are people looking for “right now” like going green products etc…. or products I see or hear that are doing well.

I’ll give you some resources and forums on my next post about good places for CB affiliates to talk about things like that.  Make sure you get familiar with clickbank’s affiliate program, their tools and their entire website and on my next post I will continue with “Make Extra Money at Home with Clickbank Affiliate Program Part 2“.   You’ll learn about how to make a landing page or website to send traffic to with your click bank affiliate hop links or url and you’ll be one step closer to Make Extra Money on the Computer.  I will also give you plenty of resources to get you going  and many good places I use myself to get traffic and links.

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