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blogcomment-demonOne thing Internet Marketers and Webmasters have in common is the Never Ending Quest to Improve our Search Engine Ranking, commonly known as SEO (search engine optimization).  You gotta get relevant backlinks to get on the front page of Google and to increase our Page Rank (PR).

If You Fail at this then you’ll probably never get enough traffic to make any “REAL Money Online”.

I started using Blog Comment Demon (BCD) – a True Dofollow Backlink Finder awhile back and recommended it to some people and they have been very happy with the results from it.  I decided to make a small post about it to let others know that this is one inexpensive backlink tool that may be worth investing in.

Blog Commenting is FREE and one of the easiest ways to get Powerful and Relevant one way links to your website or blog. Which can help skyrocket your blogs or sites to the top of the (serps). It’s also a great way to index a new website.

But there’s one problem,  when I first got into blog commenting all of the (so called) dofollow blogs lists were all wrong and most of them were actually “nofollow”.  Make sure you check dofollow lists with appropriate tools to see if they are in fact do follow, I’ve found that most people make these lists just to get traffic but they have no idea if they are in fact “no follow” or not.

Even if you are a more experienced webmaster and have all your must have tools installed (firefox toolbar extensions & Alexa Toolbar) it’s still very hard to make a nice list of Dofollow blogs, especially one’s that are relevant to your sites and have good PR.

That was until I found the ultimate do follow backlink finder, Blog comment demon.  All you pretty much have to do is enter your keywords and hit enter, it does the rest all automated.

Adding a comment is a cinch and all done inside the BCD dashboard.

Click here and Watch This Free Blog Comment Video it really does show the Full Potential this software has.

Benefits of BlogCommentDemon:

  • Get Unlimited amount of dofollow backlinks
  • Find relevant blogs to your niche
  • Find relevant posts
  • See pagerank for the Homepage and for the actual Post Page
  • Money back guarantee
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • A ton of features which makes it very easy to use
  • Save campaigns and files to easily use again in the future
  • Find blogs on Auto-Pilot
  • Complete step by step video tutorials
  • Save time and money
  • Great for getting New sites Indexed Quickly
  • Lifetime updates

Let me just say, I’ve read some of the reviews on the internet on this back link software and most of them are bogus.  Most of the negative one’s are made up or complain that it takes a little while to find blogs.  I’ll tell you now that setting it up takes a little time but was simple with their step by step tutorials.  I loved the videos, very easy to follow and implement.  I have no complaints with there customer service either, which I took full advantage of.

Now, when BCD is looking for blogs/posts for you on auto pilot it may take a little while but just work on something else.  Just save everything easily using their dashboard and you’ll be able to pull up the blogs whenever you want to, instantly.  You won’t have to go through the whole process over again unless you are searching for More.

One of my favorite things I use this software for is to find those old and powerful blog posts with good PR that no one else knows about.

You’ll be able to find those coveted domains like .edu, .gov and .org sites.

Here’s my receipt for my purchase a few months ago.  I tend to not believe internet marketers unless I know them or they show actual Proof.  I’m sure you’re the same way.


If you’re looking for a good inexpensive dofollow backlink finder, then Blogcomment Demon is a great tool to use.

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17 Responses to Blog Comment Demon Review ~ Dofollow Backlink Finder

  1. It can be insanly difficult to find high-PR blogs to leave comments on, and it’s a pain in the ass to look. I haven’t used BCD but I plan on getting it soon, and at only $50 how the hell can you argue?

  2. Dofollow backlinks are essential for a website to be highly ranked in search engines. The difficult part of SEO also is finding of such blogs to comment.

  3. Oh, very very nice from you! That’s what we are looking for. I know that it helps when we work with dofollow blogs, but didn’t try before. I’ll take some time for checking what people confirmed. Thanks!!

  4. very helpful and very clever software nice i bought some software called fast blog finder but it does’nt do the job it sucks realy and was charges £200 for it. i will be trying this one thankyou hope it is a good one i need something to give me a boost after that rubbish.

  5. Thank you for posting this. It gives me some insights. In my case, I allow backlinks in comments but the comment must be put to queue for moderation before its publication. This method however, is appropriate only if you have few comments coming in.

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